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Trip Name: Shandur Broghil Festival

If there is a place in your mind's eye that can clearly picture the perfect travel place - and you yearn for it- then come with us to Northern Areas. It is all here, exactly as you pictured it: hundreds of square miles of impossible beauty and bounty; a seemingly endless expanse of rolling verdant greenery, mountain meadows, hidden lakes, whispering streams, turquoise glaciers - and all of it teeming with rare species of North wildlife and so personal that the memories you take away will last yo

Price: US$
 Days: 26
Destinations: Dir, Lowari pass, Kalash, Chitral, Shandur, Naltar, Gilgit, Hunza, Fairy Meadows, Passu, Rakaposhi, Phunder, Shandur, Hundrap, Baroghil, Ghizer, Mastuj, Takhtbhai, Dir, Taxilla, Borit, Karumbar, Malakand pass, Karakoram Highway, Islamabad, Abbotabad
 Activities: Fishing, Trekking, Yak Riding, Horse Riding, Polo, Jeep Safari, Heritage, Cultural Exploration, Sports
 Departures: 2nd July


Trip Name: Shandur Polo Festival

Forget the crowds of the city as you revel in the roads less traveled through the captivating and colorful Pakistanís countryside. Youíll be swept away to another era as you visit some of Pakistanís fairy-tale past history, and youíll feel like nobility as you spend the night in dazzling, private tents amid cultural climaxes all in one place. With a fascinating portrayal of heritage rich culture, history and gastronomy, Shandur Polo is contagious. Wild horses galloping across Öhas always stirred

Price: US$
 Days: 10
Destinations: Dir, Lowari, Kalash, Chitral, Shandur, Gilgit, Phander, Shandur, Ghizer, Mastuj, Takhtbhai, Dir, Taxila, Malakand, Karakoram Highway, Islamabad, Abbotabad
 Activities: Cultural Exploration, Polo, Sports, Fishing, Kite Flying, Jeep Safari, Photogrpahy
 Departures: 1st July