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Rock/Ice Climbing

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Trip Name: Amin Braq Rock Climbing

Challenge the body and mind with rock climbing and abseiling adventures in one of the most beautiful areas.

It is fun and exciting, it keeps you fit and provides a huge sense of personal achievement. It is also one of the world's fastest growing recreational sports.

Pakistan rock climbing trips range from single day courses for beginners wanting to learn the basics of climbing to multi-day adventures for those who've got the bug and want to climb more. The local rock type is schist, a metamo

Price: US$
 Days: 11
Destinations: Islamabad, Skardu, Shigar, Khapulo, Masha Brum
 Activities: sightseeing, Rock climbing
 Departures: April 18, May 1 6, June 2, June 18, July 3, July 11, August 8, August 21, September 1


Trip Name: Trango Tower Rock Climbing Expedition

Towering over Karakorams's northeast, Trango Tower 6,286 m (20,608 ft) commands attention. The Great Trango Tower features the world's greatest nearly vertical drop and an ideal peak for mountaineers. After seven days of trekking from valleys to barren, glacier, moraine landscape, you reap the ultimate reward of the trekking.
Baltoro and Bradlo valley is devoid of power lines, billboards, highways and coffee shops or cellular networks. The only sounds you hear are natural- wildlife, water

Price: US$
 Days: 42
Destinations: lslamabad,Skardu,Shigar, Braldo, Trango Tower
 Activities: Trekking, Rock & Ice Climbing
 Departures: June, July, August, September