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Trip Styles

Everyone has different travel preferences and budgets, and our tours are designed to reflect the broad range of our travelers' interests. . Please take a few moments to understand the differences between all travel styles and with so many different travel styles to choose from, you'll find a style suited to your passion and budget.

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Travel independently - for those who don’t want a fixed itinerary or group experience, our Independent trips provide you the freedom and flexibility to experience on your own terms rather than with a group. If you love the journeys we offer, but would like a personalised itinerary for just yourself, or with your partner, family, group of friends, charity or school expedition, why not use our expertise to arrange your very own tailor made tour? We can offer private versions of any of our trips or tailor many of them to create a unique and very personal travel experience. For all ages, all types of tour styles of travel and for any size of group. We love putting our personal, firsthand knowledge of the destinations to the test...to provide you with an independent travel experience without any hassle. To Customize your independet tour either fill up Make My Trip Form or please email at vexplorers@gmail.com.


Mountaineering is no easy feat and the bragging rights are well deserved. Mountaineering in Pakistgan include treks to the world’s most spectacular mountain range in the company of some of the most experienced mountain guides. .
The Northern Areas of Pakistan are called Roof of the World . Nowhere in the world is such a great concentration of high mountains, peaks, glaciers, and passes except in Pakistan. Of the 14 over 8,000 meters high peaks on our earth planet, four occupy an amphitheatre at the head of Baltoro Glacier in the Karakoram Range: K-2 (8,611 meters, originally called Chogo-ri which in Balti language means 'king of the mountains,' of all the world's mountains second only to Mount Everest), Gashabrum-I (8,068 meters), Broad Peak (8,047 meters) and Gashabrum-II (8,035 meters). There is yet another, which is equally great, Nanga Parbat (8,126 meters), located at the western most corner of the Himalayas. There are 42 other peaks which are higher than all the highest peaks of the other continents. In addition to that, there are 160 peaks over 7,000 meters and 700 others over 6,000 meters. The Northern Pakistan is also home to some of the longest glaciers outside Polar region; Siachen (72 kilometers), Hispar (61 kilometers), Biafo (60 kilometers), Baltoro (60 kilometers) and Batura (64 kilometers). Besides the high mountains, Northern Areas' longest glaciers including the Godwin Austin, Abruzzin and Baltoro which meet at Concordia forms the largest glacial lake at a height of 4720 meters. Two more ranges, by unique comparison minor in size, thrust their sinews and limbs into the Pamir Knot: the Pir Panjal with its peaks of just over 20,000 feet, and China's celestial mountain, the Kun Lun. Where these ranges merge, they form what many regard as the most impressive landscape that sometime recalls Shangri-La.


Following in the literal footsteps of tribes, nomads, and cow paths, hiking and trekking is one of the most popular athletic activities.Trekking in Pakistan is one of the famous adventure sports awaiting the trekking enthusiast in Pakistan. One who are fascinated by the unexplored. The mountain ranges of Pakistan offer breathtaking, enthralling trekking routes. In the vast amphitheatre of the Pakistani Hindukush, Pamirs, Himalayas and Karakoram, amongst them, they contain the world's densest concentration of high peaks (five out of 14 highest) in their fold, there are limitless possibilities for trekking trips.

Rock/Ice Climbing

Challenge the body and mind with rock climbing and abseiling adventures in one of the most beautiful areas of this pleanet..Rock/Ice climbing is fun and exciting, it keeps you fit and provides a huge sense of personal achievement. It is also one of the world's fastest growing recreational sports.

Rock climbing trips range from single day courses for beginners wanting to learn the basics of climbing to multi-day adventures for those who've got the bug and want to climb more. The local rock type is schist, a metamorphic rock infused with quartz crystals. This provides great friction and positive edges. Crags range in height from 5m to 115m and the climbs are mainly bolted sport routes but there are also plenty of traditional crack climbs.

Snow Sports/Skiing

Avail the opportunity for winter sports.The fun, excitement and the thrill while sliding down the snow clad slopes of the Karakoram, HinduKush and Himalayan ranges in Pakistan is, in one word, fantastic. Skiing, one of the world's most popular sports. In Pakistan where only a handful of skiers existed a decade ago, now hundredsof new enthusiasts are hitting the slopes each year and making Pakistan one of the skiiers destinations. Pakistan has Skiing resorts with chair lifts, operated by staff at each resort. Moreover, the slopes in the skiing destinations in Pakistan give you an opportunity to enjoy both snow skiing as well as heli-skiing. If you are a novice, you will scream, cry and laugh simultaneously as you speed down the slopes, whereas if experienced, you will enjoy running down the challenging snowy slopes.

In snow skiing itself, you can enjoy both Alpine and Nordic, can slide downhill in a straight route as well as in a zigzag course, jump from an elevated position, or for extreme adventure, hire a helicopter and have yourself dropped on the snow clad peak itself. From there, the fun and adventure of skiing downwards it enhanced multifold.

Assistance for skiers, in form of equipment, trained guides, pilots and even short courses are available, in an attempt to give them an unmitigated sense of joy when they come to Pakistan. So, next time when you feel like running down a snowcapped hill slope with cool icy breezes hitting your face, just think of Pakistan. It is here that you will have some of the best moments skiing down the snowy slopes.


Our Family adventures give your kids a chance to discover the world as you do. capture the spirit of our trips and make them accessible for the whole family. With fewer long travel days, safe, private transport and kid friendly accommodation and activities, We’ve designed our family adventures to inspire travelers of all ages by organizing fun, hands-on, learning activities for kids and adults alike. Share all the fun and excitement of an authentic and educational experience while making lasting memories for the whole family.


Safari is the easiest, fastest and most comfortable way to explore Gilgit Baltistan that can cover the most notable and exciting places in one tour and also presents an opportunity to interact with the people. Though the roads are rough, exploring the remote regions of Gilgit Baltistan on jeep is one of the most popular adventure activities because of the panoramic surroundings and pretty landscapes that can enchant nature lovers with their picture-perfect beauty. The most preferred and yet the toughest jeep safari destinations in Gilgit Baltistan are Shigar Askole, Deosai and Ghizer. Shandur pass to Chitral valley are the places which one would certainly not like to miss the experience. The barren landscape, culturally diverse people, desolate mountains and deep ravines only add to the bewitching beauty of the environs of Gilgit Baltistan .
There are many jeep safaris encompassing preferred destinations of Gilgit Baltistan in itineraries. One can take services to ensure well-planned tour including the arrangements of meals, accommodation, guides and porters. However, while one should not miss jeep safari in Gilgit Baltistan , one must pay attention to the availability of dehydrated foods, potable water and juices, camping tents and other gear, spare parts for the jeep, first-aid kit and fuel before starting the trip. If you are driving yourself, then you must be confident enough to handle the rough mountainous roads. Don't forget to account for permits at places and possible effects of acclimatization.


Travel to some of the most photogenic places on earth? Our photography trips put you on an itinerary of those who travel simply to photograph, with a group of like-minded travellers. Taking a photography tour can sharpen your skills as you learn how to capture the spirit of a place. The rich history, vibrant cultures, diverse landscapes, gorgeous light and mesmerizing sunsets of different places are all fabulous subjects for taking photos.
Learn new tricks, share your knowledge, and never worry about taking the time to get the shot.


These are exclusively for women who are single, find their girlfriends boring to travel with, have husbands that don't travel or simply need a break from the kids. Although sometimes mothers and daughters, sisters or friends join together on these tours or book a vacation together.

A women's only vacation could be as easy as having a weekend getaway with a group of female friends to really experiencing the ultimate on the Karakoram trails from the roughest and toughest to the luxurious and relaxing or simply a pursuit like cooking or shopping either with others or on your own.It's perfectly acceptable to take a trip with other women, away from family. These tours combines fun, relaxation and new experiences while creating space for women to foster friendships, confidence and self discovery. Head into the wilderness to hike, bike or camp, stay in a hut at Fairy Meadows . Tour options can set you up if you've not traveled much, otherwise seize the day and hit the road alone.


For culture enthusiasts there's never a shortage of locations to indulge your curiosity and immerse yourself in the traditions of diversity and vibrancy. Vibrant living cultures infused with the olden times offer a window into the past, and hold a mirror up to our own world.


Taking in the sights, taking pictures, taking a bus, taking your time ... no wonder they call it taking a vacation. Instead of always taking something away when you travel, why not give something back? There's no better cultural immersion than to earn respect by working side by side with locals. The options are endless; pick one you're passionate about and leave the land, animals or people better off than before you arrived. The bonus is you may find you take away more from your travel than ever before.


There’s no better way to sense the soul of a place and get insight into its people than through their festivals. people show their true colours in festival, so learn native dances, customs and music. Join in the fun with us and bring yourself into contact with colorful cultures and locations.


Experinece the ancient sites of Moenjodaro, Harappa, Takht Bhai, Taxila etc to touch back history. Indeed, many aspects of modern civilization and culture came into being in Gandhara, Indus art, philosophy .....

It's a heady feeling to walk on stones that may have been trod by Alexander the great, Ashoka or Budha, Guru Nananak and many more.... But at many places in Pakistan, where ancient ruins are surrounded by the noise and smells of trafficor where pristine villages and lakes and beaches are packed by visitors, it's apparent that the influence works the other way as well: These sites, it sometimes seems, has been overtaken by the modern world it spawned.

Whitewater Rafting

To see the wildest rivers in a way one can't beat rafting, whether you're an adrenaline junkie or prefer a lazy float downstream, there’s no better way to watch the landscape scroll by than to sit back and let the river do the work.Think an alpine shoot surrounded by snow capped mountains in the summer. Whitewater, created from changes in the path of fast moving rivers and streams, can be found in Northern Pakistan from the Himalayas, Karakoram to the Hindukush.

Mountian Biking

Explore remote villages a world away from the highways. Experience the scenic gems at handlebar level with the mountain biking experts. All our trips have support crew and backup vehicle so you can cycle at your own pace. You don't even need to worry about your equipment, what to eat, or where to sleep most of the time. We already have taken care of it, thus leaving your concentration on why you actually came in the first place: to ride.

The cycling is through undulating sealed and unsealed roads for between 20 and 100km a day at a steady pace. you can choose from our guided or self guided cycling trips. Our self guided cycling holiday itineraries are all about the freedom to explore what interests you, at your own pace. When you choose a guided option, you'll enjoy the company of an expert guide who is with you from the time you arrive until your trip concludes and a small group of like minded travelling companions from around the world.

Horse/Yak Riding

Horse riding is a way to practice a fascinating sport and at the same time to interact with a different culture and other peoples of desolate landscapes devoid of roads from the vast plains of Deosai, Karumbar, Pamir to the Hindukush. On a horse you can arrive at the most desolate mountain villages and to the ruins of ancient cultures lost in the history. The horse is an adventurer's best friend.

You will find that a common love of the horse is very effective in forming bonds of friendship quickly with people all over the world. We travel in small groups to visit places which are often well off the beaten track and sometimes so far off that tourists are a curiosity. We can sip tea with the head man of a remote village in Chapurson valley.

Wildlife Hunting Expeditinos

The wildlife attractions of Pakistan are huge and worth appreciating. Numerous rare and endangered species of animals, birds and reptiles can be found in the country. The marine life is equally interesting as well. The brown bears, snow leopards, black bucks, lions, cheetahs, cobras and peacocks are the prime wildlife attractions in the country. Apart from these, there are other wildlife species too that have commanding presence in the forest areas of the country. A wildlife trip to Pakistan will allow you a close encounter with all these marvelous wildlife species.


Fishing is the activity of hunting for fish. It is an ancient and worldwide practice that dates back about 10,000 years with various techniques and traditions and it has been transformed by modern technological developments. Venture to far off waterways, often completely alone with nature, for one on one fights with some of the earth's strongest and most incredible creatures.


If you looking for fishing, horse riding, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, hiking, rock climbing etc or just about anything else, but find just one is not enough for a vacation then you are ready for a multi sport vacation.These adventures are generally self-propelled and also lead you into some of the world's most beautiful places. Imagine whitewater rafting through the Ghizer river, Horse riding at Deosai wilderness or fishing around the Karumber lake. Multi sport vacations are the perfect way to play and relax in the great outdoors.


Looking for something really special? Then check out our carefully selected exclusive journeys. Each itinerary has been designed to offer a fascinating insight into a destination and our hand-picked hotels are some of the most exquisite properties at that destinaion. Whether you are planning an unforgettable honeymoon combining relaxation and adventure, a once in a lifetime extravaganza or a really exciting and unique itinerary with people who are special to you, our Special Adventures will ensure you get the most out of your holiday.

Weekend / Short Escapes

Explore some of Pakistan’s most fascinating corners on our short getaways. The frustrations of crowds, noise, and the wear and tear of the daily grind need more than ever to be escaped, even if for a few days in places where you would least expect them. Whether you head to a hill stations or trace the footsteps of legendary explorers of Gandharan and Indus civilizations. Or hike/walk in Himalya and Karakorams., you will forget the trials and tribulations of life in the city.
These Breaks are small group adventures that offer the freedom and flexibility of independent travel while removing some of the hassles of travelling on your own. With plenty of opportunity to have a real life experience or two along the way these trips are a great add on to a longer adventure, or just a short break in an amazing destination.


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