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Introduction: The name comes from The lake is said to have been discovered in 1993 by Pakistan Air Force pilots who were flying low above the area. Earlier, the lake was not even known to the locals.

Attractions: Ansoo Lake (Tear Lake) attributed to its tear-like shape. is a high-altitude lake, 5027 meters, in the Kaghan Valley near Malika Parbat in the Himalayan range of Pakistan.

Accessibility: It can be reached by a difficult trek from Saiful Mulook Lake.


Aansoo Fact Sheet

Physical Location:

Northwest in the N.W.F.P province of Pakistan
Geographical Location: 3448'54.76"N-3448'54.76"N
Total Area:
Activities: Kaghan Valley
Best Time: May to October
Altitude: 5027m
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