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Attractions: Borit Lake is a lake in Borit,a hamlet in the surroundings of the Borit Lake to the northwest of Hussaini, a village near Gulmit, Gojal, in the upper Hunza the Northern Areas of Pakistan. The altitude of Borit is roughly 8500 feet above sea level.

Accessibility: The lake can be reached via a 2 km unpaved jeep route from Hussaini village, which lies adjacent to Ghulkin village. It is also accessible by a 2-3 hour trekking route directly from Ghulkin, across the end of the Ghulkin glacier.


Borit Fact Sheet

Physical Location:

Gojal valley Northern Area of Pakistan
Geographical Location: 3625'49.56"N-7451'45.92"E
Total Area:
Activities: Husaini, Passu
Best Time: March to October
Altitude: 8500 feet
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