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Introduction: Situated 70 kms (about 52 miles) from Karachi. Haleji Lake is considered to be largest water fall sanctuary in Asia, and is the main reservoir for Karachi. Its 1-1/2 km off the Thatta road from the village of Gujjo

Attractions: Thousands of birds of over seventy species migrate here in winter from Siberia and stay through January and February. The birds include flamingoes, pelicans, pheasant-tailed jacanas, herons, ducks, partridges and egrets. It is a paradise for those who love birds.
Originally haleji Lake was a very small lake. During World War II the then British Government of Sind decided to increase the capacity of this lake by having a feeder canal from River Sindh. This lake supplies water to Karachi. During War time thousands of American and British Troops were stationed in Karachi. The lake work was taken on War Footing and was completed within 24 months. It is a huge lake-perhaps 2Kmx2Kmsx0.25Km.

Accessibility: Haleji lake is connected with Karachi Hyderabad National Highway.


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May to October
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Activities: Karachi
Best Time: May to October
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