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Introduction: Gahkuch starts with a divergen to the Ishkoman valley at china bridge and it ends again with a long floating bridge to the same valley. Gilgit river flows right through the mid of Gahkuch. The area across the river is called Haton. From Gahkuch a link road leads you to the Aiash(which is also known as Gahkuch Bala) valley which is also the view point for Gahkuch. Gahkuch is the head quarter of District Ghizer.

Attractions: Trout filled picturesque lake in Ghizer district of Northern Area of Pakistan, is very famous for its surrounding and idyllic nature. There is very big diversity among the people in Gahkuch. it is the business hub of the district so people from the adjacent valley have settled there for business and education purpose. There is also a considerable number of Pathan business in the city.

Accessibility: It is connected by Gilgit Chitral Road.


Gahkuch Fact Sheet

Physical Location:

Ghizer District Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan
Geographical Location:
Total Area:
Activities: Gahkoch
Best Time: May to October
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