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Introduction: Karumber valley is one of the most scenic places and largest alpine meadows in Northern Areas. This valley was used to be an ancient Buddhist pilgrimage route from Afghanistan & Wakhan corridor.

Attractions: The Karumber Lake is situated in the foot hill of Pamir region on altitude of (4260 m). There is a trek that connects the two districts of Northern Areas i.e. Ghizer and Gilgit. This trek is from Naltar(Gilgit) to Pakora Asumbar (Ishkoman) and Barkulti, (Yasin-Ghizer). This is relatively easy trek passing through village of upper Ishkoman valley and some settlements along the way. This is one of the important trekking routes that is why each year, a considerable number of tourists go along this trek.

Accessibility: Ghizer is connected by Gilgit Chitral Road.


Karumber Fact Sheet

Physical Location:

Ghizer district, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan
Geographical Location:
Total Area:
Best Time: May to October
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