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Introduction: Babusar Pass is first gateway between Northern Areas and rest of Pakistan. It was the only way of communication between north Pakistan to other parts of Pakistan. All traders used this pass. During the British rule up to 1886, Babusar was the summer camp of the officials and Assistant political Agent of Chilas sub Division resides in Babusar for four months. Babusar top is located at distance of 45 Km from KKH. Its height from sea level is about 14600 ft.

Attractions: There are Lush green mountains covered with thin forest in Babusar and there are 3 beautiful lakes surrounding Babusar top namely Kota Lake, Koli Lake and shoti Lake which adds the beauty of this place. This pass is a viewpoint of several beauty places of District Diamer. Botogha Top is on the junction of road from Chilas to Kaghan and Babusar. It links Gitidas with Chichobut. It is located at a distance of 16 Km from lake Saiful Malook and truck road is available now. Its beauty is due to thin forest, Lush green grasses and various beautiful wild flowers.It is on the top of Boto Nullah and 65 km jeep able off road is available from Chilas. (View point of Botogah Nalla).People of Botogah/Thak of tehsil Chilas spend their summer as nomads with their cattle and goats for three to four months. This culture is still prevalent .Its land is very productive for range land. It was a pony track between Kaghan and Northern Areas Pakistan in ancient time and people used this route for their trade and commerce. Gittidas is situated at a distance of 45 Km from KKH. Its height from sea level is about 13400 ft. Its attraction points are Lolo Sarr. Another attractive scenery in Gittidas is its 7 Lakes which are arranged in such a manner that three Lakes are in series in one side and 4 Lakes are in series on another side. On the back of these 7 Lakes another Lakes Dodipat is also situated which adds to the beauty of this place. The Lakes in Gitidas have trout fish and it is a wonderful place for anglers.

Accessibility: Currently National Highway Authority (NHA) is constructing 70 feet wide highway, which will link KKH Chilas to Mansherah Via Babusar.


Babusar Fact Sheet

Physical Location:

Geographical Location: Diamer District, Gilgit Baltistan
Total Area:
Best Time: Mid May to October
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