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Introduction: Nushki, It is a far away city of Pakistan on Durand line between Pakistan and Afghanistan on R.C.D road (regional cooperation development a treaty between Pakistan ,Iran and Turkey) in Balochistan province of Pakistan. It is a city who has both mountain and deserts on opposite sides of it. Noshki name came after its nine flour mills(Chukees on its canals). Major population is Baloch .The common language spoken here is brahvi (the old Dravidians the ensisters of moenjodaro which were forced out by Arians).

Attractions: The majority of population depends upon animals and alive nomadic life. Camel and pickup truck is popular source of transportation but buses and wagons are also available as a mode of journey.



Nushki Fact Sheet

Physical Location:

Geographical Location: 2933'7.08"N, 66 0'31.15"E
Total Area:
Best Time: May to October
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