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Introduction: Pakpattan is the famous district of Province Punjab, also known as the city of saints. Many Muslim sofi saints worked here for the glory of Islam. Other then Muslims, Sikh spritual leaders also did meditation in this region. The old name of pakpattan was Ajodhan. The great saint sofi Baba Groo Nanak of Sikh faith also visited here. The Baba Faried ud din qutab (Al Masood) also stayed here for the preaching of Islam.

Attractions: By the virtue of his preach and his great deeds, thousands of local population (Hindus) of his time accepted the teachings of Islam. Still the Mureedin of Baba Farid comes from all over the sub-continent and many came and pass through the Bab-e-Baheest (Just a local ritual of passing through the gate in Pakpattan). Near the Pakpatan, Mlaka Hans is situated where Punjabi philosophar and known poet all over Punjab, Warris Shah wrote his famous book of love story "Heer Waris Shah".



Pakpattan Fact Sheet

Physical Location:

Punjab Province
Geographical Location: 3020'47.35"N, 7323'15.54"E
Total Area:
Best Time: October to May
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