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Introduction: Bagrot, a small and remote valley located in Northern Pakistan near Gilgit, with a steep river in narrow valley with terraced fields of all sizes, beautiful meadows and orchards irrigated by a sophisticated system of water channels which are fed by the melting water of the various glaciers and snow from the mountains.

Attractions: Bagrotís main valley is of 25 km length and can be reached from Gilgit in 2 hours. After a 2 hours jeep drive beauty scenic summer settlements, pastures along the Barchi and Hinarchi glaciers poses wonderful views. There are many villages with verdant greenery along Bagrot valley.Along Barechi glacier the scenic landscape of the summer valley with its temporary settlements, even more peaks and a broad river bed reveals itself a panoramic view with an impressive view of Rakaposhi peak. Its range marks the natural boundary between the valleys of Nagar and Bagrot.

Accessibility: The Karakoram Highway (KKH) connects Islamabad to Gilgit. The journey from Islamabad to Gilgit takes approximately 14-15 hours.PIA operates daily flight between Islamabad and Gilgit, one of the most scenic flights of the world as its route passes over Nanga Parbat and the mountain's peak is higher than the aircraft's cruising altitude. These flights, however, are subject to the clearance of weather and in winters, flights are often delayed by several days.


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Physical Location:

Northern Area of Pakistan near Gilgit
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Best Time: May to October
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