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Introduction: Gojal is a fairy tale valley famous for high peaks, fascinating glaciers, beautiful meadows, awesome pastures, educated and hospitable community.

Attractions: Besides natural wealth and beauty, the valley harbors a diverse and endangered mountainous cultural traditions. Among its total population of about 20 thousand souls majority speaks Wakhi language ; while Burushaski and Domaaki languages are also spoken in some villages.Gojal is geographically the largest Tehsil of the Northern Areas of Pakistan and is spread over an area of about 8,500 sq.km at an elevation ranges from 2,340m to 4,877m.The valley borders internationally with the Xinjiang-Uighur region of People Republic of China through the famous K hunjrab , Kilik and Mintika passes and with the Afghan Wakhan -Little Pamir (Pamir-i-Khurd) through Irshod Pass.

Accessibility: Gojal is connected to Gilgit which is well connected by air with Islamabad( weather dependent) and by road with Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Skardu and Chitral. You can take a flight to Gilgit from the capital of the country and reach Gojal.


Gojal Fact Sheet

Physical Location:

Gilgit region, Northern Areas of Pakistan
Geographical Location:
Total Area: 8,500 sq.km
Best Time: May to October
Altitude: 2,340m to 4,877m
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