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Introduction: Jamal Ghari, The extensive ruins of Jamal Ghari are situated on the western offshoot of Pajja hills at a distance of 20 km. Further from Mardan, in the direction of Katlang, there is a beautiful monastery and a main stupa which is round in shape and is surrounded by chapels closely packed together. According to Sir John Marshall, a famous archeologist, the stupa of jamalghari is the oldest stupa in Gandhara. The votive stupa, meeting hall and monks quarters are some other important parts of this monastery. Another distinctive feature of this site is the row of separate quarters meant probably for the learned scholars or monks.

Attractions: The building represents a complete Buddhist settlement disposed in courts assurances besides a massive large stupa surrounded by a polygonal of small chapels. It shows great promise for tourists in search of vestigial colors of history, Buddhism and archeological mystique.

Accessibility: Jamal Gari is well connected by road with the rest of the country by Mardan and Swabi in NWFP province..


Jamal Garhi Fact Sheet

Physical Location:

In the N.W.F.P province of Pakistan
Geographical Location: 0
Total Area: 0
Population: 0
Activities: 0
Best Time: September to May
Altitude: 0
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