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Introduction: Mashabrum or K1 is another majestic peak of the Karakorum range. With a height of 7821 (m) Mashabrum proves to be an enthralling climb for mountaineers. It's first ascend was in 1960. As you ascend the Hushe Valley you can see scintillating views of the snow peaks up narrow nalas craving for exploration. Tall poplars and the last fruit trees are miniscule next to the sheer walls rising from the east side of the valley in particular. You walk directly towards Mashabrum and have you best views of it.




Mashabrum Fact Sheet

Physical Location:

Hushe Karakoram, Pakistan
Geographical Location: 3538'32.65"N-7618'51.02"E
Total Area: 7821 m
Population: 7821 m
Activities: One of the highest Mountain In The World
Best Time: June, July, August
Altitude: 1960
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Tours to Mashabrum
K2 View Point Panorama Trek