Autumn Color/Fall Foliage in Pakistan

Nature shines its brightest in Fall, as the incredible beauty of changing leaves burst onto the scene. Northern Pakistan is filled with trees that paint an artistic masterpiece across the Northern skies come Fall. Each region of Gilgit Baltistan boasts its own beautiful palette of colors, so you have many areas to venture through.

During the autumn, the days get shorter, temperatures drop and the pace of life goes down a little. Whether you’re looking to prolong the summer, avoid the peak season crowds or you just can’t wait for those golden leaves to start falling, we’ve tours going to places that look dazzling in the glow of autumn.

Gilgit Baltistan where Forested mountains, rich river-bottom farmlands, and riotous explosions of autumn color— tiny villages are nestled across the countryside, and campgrounds and trails abound. It is no wonder, then, that visitors who come here tend to stay a while in order to savor the stunning scenery the splendors of Karakorum Highway drive have inspired the raves of travelers for generations. Gilgit Baltistan is famous for its autumn foliage, when leaves transform into a kaleidoscope of reds, oranges and purples.The fall foliage of autumn season in one such wonder, a thing of beauty that rarely gets any notice, even though the bright red leaves blow all around us, and even though the trees stand naked in winter.

In autumn, when the foliage of mulberry, apricot, walnet, peaches etc achieves its peak, Skardu, Astore, Ghizer, Shigar, Khaplu and Hunza valleys, afford one of the most splendid scenes: a misty tableau of yellows, reds, and oranges enlivened by the dancing silver water of the streams, rivers and falls.

The best departure dates for viewing fall foliage are usually September through November. Peak fall colors vary yearly and are affected by wind, temperature, and moisture.The music of nature is best heard in the changing of seasons, and you one need to take time off and take note of changing seasons through the fall foliage.  we take to you the best locations around the North of Pakistan where you can head to experience the beauty of this season.

Fall Colour/Foliage( Autumn Color Tours) in Pakistan

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