The history of Pakistan can be dated back to as early as 5000 years back where first human settlement took place, where the nomadic people of early history make their settles life and during the course of time the development of tribes, community, village, city and modern state along with the history of rulers, dynasties and empires and construction of the various of monuments, palaces, forts, pillars as signs of victory, tombs etc. for different purposes and utilities. The 5,000 year old ancient history began with the dwelling of the Indus Valley Civilization in Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, and the entering of Aryans in the subcontinent. To save the country from foreign conquests, Chandragupta Maurya realised the dream of consolidating Pakistan under the single rule. His grandson Ashoka Maurya continued the legacy of bringing Pakistan under one empire and in his later years converted into a Buddhist by following and preaching the religion.

The Golden Age of history also comprised the Mughal Dynasty who contributed to the richness, the intricacy and the intelligence to the country. But 400 year glory of Medieval era saw its dusk with the advent of foreigners from other continents.

For many centuries, Arab Traders served as a mediator between Europe and Asia by selling spices and other fertile produce and silk trade. Through them only, the other side of the world got to know about the richness of the land called Pakistan. However, no parts of Pakistan are left behind the dominations of one power or the other during its course of evolution.

Historical tours of Pakistan generally comprised of four phases of Pakistani  history – the ancient historical tours of Pakistan which generally centered around central Punjab and Sindh, Mohenjo

Daro and Harappa where the tourists will get an opportunity to view the historical sites of the two ancient civilizations. Then 2nd phase comes with religions – Buddhism and Jainism – and their rise and fall in Taxila, Swat Takht Bai and many other places in Khyber Pukhtonkhwa province and Punjab. Medieval Pakistan historical tours started since the time of the 10th century AD the arrival of the Arabs on this vast subcontinent and the subsequent rise of the central Asia power among which Mughals sustained for the long period of time till the arrival of the Europeans in Pakistan. However, the medieval Pakistan historical tours revolve around Lahore, Jhelum, Bahawalpur etc . that provide an overview the rise and fall of the medieval dynasties while exploring the historical monuments, forts and palaces. The modern Pakistan historical tours started since the time of the arrival of the Europeans – Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, France, British – and their gradual consolidation of the powers on Pakistani Territory especially to the regions located to the coastal lines of Pakistan – Karachi, and constructed numerous historical monuments and several other sites of historical importance during the course of clash of powers.

History Tours in Pakistan