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Top Destinations

K2 Mountain

K2, the second-tallest mountain in the world, is possibly the most dangerous. The legendary climber Reinhold Messner has described K2 as the most beautiful of all the high peaks: “An artist has made this mountain.” For every four successful summit attempts, one person has died.

Broad Peak

Broad Peak Broad Peak (originally named K3),12th highest mountain on Earth and 4th highest in Pakistan is located in Karakoram range of Shigar valley Baltistan. Broad Peak is part of the Gasherbrum massif and is about 8 kilometres (5 miles) from K2. Broad Peak was originally named K3 right after the naming of K2 but […]

Gasherbrum 1

Gasherbrum 1 Gasherbrum 1 (also known as Hidden Peak or K5) is the 11th highest peak on Earth and the 3rd highest in Pakistan.Gashabrum I is part of the Gashabrum massif, located in the Karakoram region. Gashabrum is often claimed to mean “Shining Wall”, presumably a reference to the highly visible face of the neighboring […]

Trango Tower

Trango Tower Great Trango Tower (6286m) and Nameless Tower (6230m) just Trango Tower. The peaks have some of the highest vertical faces on the planet and were for a long time some of the most coveted mountaineering challenges. There are some impressive and extremely difficult rock towers around the world, competing in being the hardest […]

Top Cars

Toyota Land Cruiser V8
Luxury ,SUV
  • x4
$200,00 /Day
BMW-7 Series
  • x4
$450,00 $225,00 /Day
Mercedes-Benz S-Class
  • x4
$525,00 /Day
Honda Civic
Compact ,Premium
  • x4
$40,00 /Day
Audi A6
  • x4
$400,00 $200,00 /Day
Land Rover Range Rover
Compact ,Premium
  • Auto
$300,00 /Day
Toyota Fortuner
Compact ,SUV
  • Auto
$45,00 /Day
Mercedes Benz S Class
  • x4
$700,00 $350,00 /Day
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