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Darel Tangir 

Darel Tangir is situated in the middle of the lush forests, and the sky touching mountains. To the North it is bordered by District Ghizer (Sub division Punial/Ishkoman and Gupis/Yaseen). To the South it is bounded by Indus River, to the east lies Sub division Chilas, Hudoor Nallah and Kargah Nallah of Gilgit. In the west lies District Kohistan. The Sub division Darel Tangir embraces an area of 2019 square kilometers. The climate of these places is moderate in the summer days, but the days and nights are hot in the low lying villages, while heavy snow falls in winter days and scarcely blow dry winds. These areas recieve heavy rains fall in the month of March and April. Historically, Darel Tangir is very famous. According to Dr. Caral Jatlar, the Shina language has its origin from Darel, Tangir, Sazeen and Harban. Here four tribes had inhabited since times immemorial. Other than Sheen, Yashkin, Kameen, Domme some other tribes were also there namely: Sayyid, Gujar, Patan, Akho, Nakheel, Madi Khail, Jaagi, Sahibzada, Bankhadi, Konashiri and Soneval etc. The civilization of Darel is very old. On the spot of Phogach there was a Buddhist University, the remains of which are still visible. Students from Tibet and China come here for further researches about this old University. The Buddhist Lama had made Gamari Kamani as his residential abode.

Darel Tangir Attractions:

Darel and Tangir are the ancient cities and have very old civilization. The area is very scenic and beautiful. Rock carving at talpan Chillas and Shatiyal are the great remain of the Buddhism. The remains of Buddhist University of Phichuka viallage Darel have been discovered recently. This was one of greatest Buddhist University in the area at the time of Kinishk.

Tangir valley is located in the newly created Tangir district of Gilgit-Baltistan, about 409 km from Islamabad and 260 km from Gilgit city. The valley can be accessed via the Karakoram Highway, and then turning left at Sazin to cross the bridge over the Indus River.

Tangir valley is a land of contrasts, where lush green fields and orchards of various fruits are surrounded by barren and rugged mountains. The valley is home to several ethnic groups, such as the Shina, Kohistani, and Kashmiri, who have their own languages, customs, and traditions. The valley is also rich in history, as it was once part of the ancient kingdom of Dardistan, and later the princely state of Chilas. The valley has many archaeological sites, such as rock carvings, inscriptions, and forts, that testify to its historical importance.

One of the main attractions of Tangir valley is the Tangir River, which flows through the valley and joins the Indus River. The river is a source of irrigation, fishing, and recreation for the locals and visitors alike. The river has a light green color, and its sparkling water creates a soothing effect on the eyes and the mind. The river also offers opportunities for rafting, kayaking, and camping along its banks.

Another attraction of Tangir valley is the Tangir National Park, which covers an area of about 300 square kilometers. The park is a haven for wildlife lovers, as it hosts a variety of animals, such as snow leopards, brown bears, ibexes, markhors, and marmots. The park also has a diverse flora, with many species of trees, flowers, and medicinal plants. The park is a great place to enjoy hiking, trekking, and wildlife watching.

Tangir valley is a place where you can experience the best of both worlds: the modern and the traditional, the urban and the rural, the plain and the mountainous. It is a place where you can relax, rejuvenate, and explore the wonders of nature and culture. It is a place where you can discover the true meaning of paradise in the mountains.

Darel Tangir Accessibility:

Darel Tangir is connected with Karakoram Highway KKH near Baseen.


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