Islamabad, capital of Pakistan is a young, vibrant, modern and beautiful city. The urban area is divided into eight zones: administrative, diplomatic, residential, institutional, industrial, commercial, greenbelt, and a national park that includes an Olympic village.

The true face of the progressive Pakistan, Islamabad is a city to get lost. Its wide streets, beautiful houses and colourful bazaars present a picturesque face of Islamabad. The power center of Pakistan, Islamabad is the capital of the country.

Islamabad was made the capital of Pakistan in 1959. In 1960, a Greek firm (Constantine Doxiades) was handed over the charge to build the capital city. In the year 1966, Islamabad was ready to make its entry into the list of some of the well-planned city in South Asia.

Islamabad Attractions:

For a traveler to Islamabad, the city has an excellent infrastructure and some of the wonderful places to visit. Islamabad is located at the base of the Margalla Hills, which offer wonderful opportunity for trekking and hiking. Islamabad is planned in such a way that there are a number of spots for walking, trekking and jogging.

Islamabad is a complete destination that offers tourists beautiful gardens, wonderful monuments, exquisite handicrafts, great dining options to enjoy Pakistani cuisine, colorful bazaars and most important of all is the Pakistani hospitality.

Unmatched in scale and warmth, Pakistani hospitality is what touches you on your tour to Pakistan.

Islamabad hosts many well-organized parks and gardens, mosques, universities and shrines, Museums and archaeological sites such as Lok Virsa, the National Cultural Center and National Museum exhibits, handicrafts, and examples of dress from different regions of Pakistan

Lok Virsa, which is the National Cultural Center and Museum, is an exciting place to get a glimpse of the Pakistani handicraft items. For shopping enthusiasts, Islamabad has many bazaars. You can rummage through an assortment of items at Jinnah Super, Aabpara or Blue Area bazaar.

The other places worth checking out are Shakar-Parian hilltop, the Rawal Lake and Pir Suhawah hilltop. A leisurely stroll through the Jasmine Garden is a soothing experience in Islamabad. Those interested in the wonders of the past can head to Faisal Mosque, an architectural masterpiece.

For the sporty kind, Islamabad has bowling alleys, golf courses and football and cricket fields. Apart from such excursions one may visit the Shakar-Parian hill top, the Beautiful Jasmine Garden, the Rawal Lake, the Pir Suhawah hill top and Daman-e-Koh. For jogging and soft core walks Fatima-Jinnah’s huge park is an ideal spot.

Islamabad Accessibility:

Islamabad is well connected with Rawalpindi and rest of the country by rail and road. Islamabad International airport has air linkage to all over the country as well as all over the world.

Islamabad Map

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