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Allai Valley

Allai Valley

The Allai valley is bounded by Kohistan on the north and east, by the Kaghan valley, Nandhiarh and Deshi of Deshiwals on the south, and by the Indus river on the west. The valley of Allai is divided from Kohistan on the north by a range of mountains rising to over 15,000 feet (4,600 m), and from Nandhiar and Deshi by another range running from the Afghanistan border to the Indus above Thakot.

The average breadth of the Allai Valley is about fifteen miles (24 km), and the total area 200 square miles (520 km2). Wheat, barley, corn and rice are the primary crops. The mountain slopes at the eastern end covered with forests. ‘Khan culture’, strong tribal/feudal chiefs, is still dominant in the remote Allai Valley.

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