Faisalabad with a population of well over 11,00,000, Faisalabad is situated about 80 miles away from Lahore.  Faisalabad lies in the Punjab province and is also called as the Manchester of Pakistan because of various textile mills that dot the city.The city was formerly known as Lyallpur and was founded in 1890. The city was named after Sir Charles James Lyall, who was the Lieutenant Governor of Punjab from 1887-1892. The name of the city was changed recently (1997), when it was named Faisalabad after the name of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia.

Faisalabad is a textile hub and home to other industries like pharmaceuticals, hosiery, chemical fertilizers and synthetic fibers. Agricultural University is an important and beautiful landmark in Faisalabad. A visit to the agricultural university is a must for tourists traveling to Faisalabad.

Clock Tower is another popular spot in Faisalabad. Right at the centre, the Clock Tower leads you to at least eight bazaars in Faisalabad. Rummaging thorough the bustling bazaars is an exciting experience.

Faisalabad offers good accommodation option and you can stay at some good quality hotels in Faisalabad. Most hotels in Faisalabad are well equipped with all the modern facilities.

Faisalabad Accessibility:

 Faisalabad is easily accessible by air from Karachi and Lahore. The city is well connected by rail and road with other parts of country.

Faisalabad Map