Kashmore- is a district in Northern Sindh of Pakistan. The capital city is Kashmore which has a population of 312,500. Kashmore is bordered by Ghotki and Shikarpur other district in Sindh. Also the district is bordered by Dera Ghazi Khan, Rajanpur and Rahim Yar Khan is Punjab Pakistan.

Administration of Kashmore

Kashmore is divided into 4 tehsils or 4 county’s. The 4 county’s of Kashmore are Tangwani, Kandhkot, and Kashmore.

Geography of Kashmore

Kashmore district is situated in Northern Sindh and was formerly a sub-district of Jacobabad district. The district borders Balouchistan on one side and Punjab on the other. The Indus river runs through the Western side of Kashmore district. The Western side of Kashmore district has forest of (Katcha)that support wild anmials. The Thar desert falls on the Eastern side of the district, and is home to wild desert animals.

Agriculture of Kashmore

Kashmore has a big cattle markets, largest rice producing district in Asia.

Kashmore City

Kandhkot is the district headquarters of Kashmore, and also a old city that lies on the right side of the Indus river. Kashmore city is a gateway to Punjab Pakistan and Balochistan. The city has a population of 312,500 thousand people. Also the city’s main electricity comes from the Indus river.and Kashmore is khanal dashti city