Khairpur District is a district in the Pakistani province of Sindh in Sukkur Division. At the 2017 census, it was the fifth most populated district in the province after four districts of Karachi city, with 2.4 million inhabitants. The headquarters of the district is the city of Khairpur. The district is further divided into eight sub-districts:Khairpur Taluka, Mirwah Taluka, Kot Diji Taluka, Kingri Taluka, Sobho Dero Taluka, Gambat Taluka, Faiz Ganj Taluka and Nara TalukaThe district has eight Talukas

Khairpur History:

Khairpur State was ruled by Talpur Mirs (ameers) of the Talpur dynasty from 1783 to 1955. In 1947, when Pakistan gained independence, Khairpur Mir’s was one of the princely states that opted to join Pakistan. In 1955, the Government of Pakistan announced the abolition of all the princely states and Khairpur Mir’s was annexed into the then province of West Pakistan.

Village Dubbi is situated in Tehsil Thari Mirwah. This is a beautiful village located in between Mirwah canal and sandy mounds of Thar Desert. More than 7 beautiful natural lakes are located near this village. Some are:
* Bakri Waro
* Khuth Sim
* Wadi Sim
* Jamal Shah
* Tal
* Wairo
* Ganairo
Tomb of Jamal Shah is located on the bank of Jamal Shah lake. Water of this lake is popular for the treatment of skin diseases. Many people come to take bath from this lake and they get healthy.
People use these lakes for birds hunting and fishing. Tarai, Talab and other hill areas are also popular for the bird hunting. Many tourist come here every year. Ex-President Ayub Khan also visited this village for the hunting purpose. Shaikh’s of UAE come in this area every year for hunting purpose. Dubbi is a copy of Dubai UAE.
Khairpur is famous for the Pir’s and Mir’s of Khairpur.
Bachal Shah Jo Pawrho, the neighbourhood of Bachal Shah, is one of the oldest settlements of the town of Khairpur. It is named after the Sufi Saint Bachchal Shah whose shrine is located in the neighbourhood. A three-day festival is celebrated every year at the shrine. The neighbourhood sits by Khairpur’s main irrigation artery, Mirwah, meaning the Mir canal.
* Hazrat Sachal Sarmast
* Nanak Yousuf
* Ghulam Hyder Godrya Fakeer Shar
* Faulad Ali Fakeer Shar
* Fakeer Ghulam Muhammad Talpur (Talpur wada)

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