Mountain Biking in Pakistan

Cycling alias mountain biking tours has always been a favorite sport of many of us. It allows us to move free in the air, increases our concentration level and teaches us to take crucial steps especially in the case of crisis. It is a kind of adventure sport which takes a lot of sweat and effort to reach the desirable destination. This jaggy yet bumpy ride that is nothing less than a staple for the adventurers can be best experienced on Pakistan’s rough roads. It’s not simple to take your bike wherever you want. You just can’t ride it anywhere and everywhere. Mountain biking is a kind of adventure sport which can be enjoyed far off the roads, often of rugged hills and terrains. Pakistan caters to all the needs one is looking for to get out of the city life and indulge into nature’s beauty.

What makes Pakistan a great mountain biking destination?

Bestowed with surreal landscape of lofty mountains, high passes, deep valleys and alpine glaciers; Pakistan makes for a dream destination for adventure seekers providing them a plethora of options for extreme sports that they can indulge into. Mountain biking is one adventure sport that is gradually getting very popular in Pakistan owing to the scenic and rugged landscape of Pakistani, Karakoram,Hindukush and Himalayan regions that provide ample opportunities to ardent bikers to satiate their adrenaline desire. Replete with rough and craggy terrains, steep ascents and narrow single tracks, the mountain biking trails in Pakistan are challenging enough to get the adrenaline rushing down through the bodies of even avid and experienced mountain bikers.

Mountain biking in Pakistan is not only about satiating your craving for challenges but, it is also about taking in and admiring the artwork of nature that Pakistan has been blessed with. As you get on with a mountain biking expedition in Pakistan, be ready to capture mesmerizing vistas of snow-capped peaks, lush carpeted meadows, gushing waterfalls, sparkling streams, crystal clear rivers and beautiful fruit orchards. That’s not all, with trails navigating you through alpine villages and verdant forests, you also get to have a close insight into the lifestyle and culture of local people living at higher altitudes and braving the atrocities of harsh weather conditions.

Best Trails for mountain biking in Pakistan

If you are looking for a memorable mountain biking adventure holiday in Pakistan, the mystical land of Gilgit Baltistan makes for the top mountain biking destination. Be, it an unforgettable and thrilling ride through world’s renowned Karakoram Highway (KKH), the enticing journey through parched and arid landscape of breath-taking valleys or an extraordinary excursion to the remote Sheocer or Karambar lake brimming with its enchanting alpine beauty; a mountain biking tour in Baltistan is a must for every passionate mountain biker.

For those who yearn for an unparalleled scenic beauty while riding through high altitude routes, the regions of Naran, Kaghan, Swat, Chitral, Ghizer, Astore, and Baltistan make for the perfect choice. With the scenic trails navigating you along gushing rivers offering unmatched vistas of precariously hanging glaciers, picturesque alpine villages, Buddhist monasteries and majestic snow-laden peaks; a mountain biking tour in these regions also make you brave challenges of traversing through boulder fields, crossing over rustic bridges and cutting your way through icy cold waters of flowing streams. Witnessing a breath-taking scenic beauty and overcoming countless thrilling twists and turns along the journey, a mountain biking expedition in Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral Swat, undoubtedly will leave you asking for more.

Why mountain biking with us?

If the mountain biking challenges thrill you and make you crave for new destinations, the unexplored trails of await you. If you are not sure of whom to contact to for arranging a mountain biking tour in Pakistan, our team of expert professionals is always there to help you. With great expertise and years-long experience in arranging biking tours in Pakistan Hindukush, Karakoram and Himalayan regions, we make sure you are taken through the most scenic and challenging routes depending on your calibre. Inclusion of Sight-seeing, homestays and an insight into local cultures and cuisines is what makes our biking tours more appealing and interesting. This is not all; our team also makes arrangements for obtaining permits and permissions from concerned authorities wherever required. So, what are you waiting for? Join us on one of your most thrilling and memorable mountain biking trips of your lifetime.

Mountain Biking Tours in Pakistan