Nature and National Parks in Pakistan

The national parks of Pakistan are treasure troves for nature lovers, containing a wide range of geographical and climatic diversity. Within Pakistan’s boundaries you can find the soaring Karakorum and Himalayan mountain range, the lush rainforests and the arid Thar Desert, and thousands miles of coastline.

Pakistan is home to some of the unique flora and fauna species which make wildlife sanctuaries in Pakistan a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. Pakistan boasts a rich biodiversity, as the geography of the country is dotted with forests, serving as the habitat of a huge number of wildlife species. The List of National Parks in Pakistan is as diverse as the terrain and traditions of Pakistan. Pakistan has 29 protected areas known as national parks. There is immense variation in the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Pakistan including Tiger Reserves, Desert Sanctuary, Bird Sanctuary, Marine Parks. Let’s take a look at the top national parks in Pakistan worthy of your attention.

Top Nature and National Parks in Pakistan


Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit-Balistan), formerly known as the Northern Areas, is the northernmost territory administered by Pakistan. It borders Azad Kashmir to the south, the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the west, the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan to the north, the Xinjiang region of China, to the east and northeast, and the Indian-administered state of Jammu and […]

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (often abbreviated KPK; formerly known as North-West Frontier Province, is one of the four administrative provinces of Pakistan, located in the northwestern region of the country along the international border with Afghanistan. It was previously known as the North-West Frontier Province until 2010 when the name was changed to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by the […]

Azad Kashmir

Azad Kashmir Azad Jammu and, abbreviated as AJK and commonly known as Azad Kashmir, is a nominally self-governing jurisdiction administered by Pakistan. The territory lies west of the Indian-occupied state of Jammu and Kashmir, and was part of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. Azad Kashmir is part of the greater Kashmir region, […]

Scenic Deosai National Park Guide 2022


Karakoram The Karakoram is a mountain range spanning the borders of China, India, and Pakistan, with the northwest extremity of the range extending to Afghanistan and Tajikistan; its highest 15 mountains are all based in Pakistan. It begins in the Wakhan Corridor (Afghanistan) in the west, encompasses the majority of Gilgit-Baltistan, and extends into Ladakh (controlled by India) and Aksai Chin (controlled by China). It is the second highest mountain range in […]

Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows Fairy Meadows National Park Diamir is a meadow on the north side of Nanga Parbat( 9th highest in the World and 2nd highest in Pakistan, a few kilometers south of the Karakoram Highway and the Indus River in the Diamer district of Northern Areas, Pakistan. Fairy Meadows, locally known as Joot, is a […]

Khunjerab National Park

Khyber Pass

Babusar Pass

Babusar Pass Babusar Pass is first gateway between Northern Areas and rest of Pakistan. It was the only way of communication between north Pakistan to other parts of Pakistan. All traders used this pass. During the British rule up to 1886, Babusar was the summer camp of the officials and Assistant political Agent of Chilas […]

Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba Malam Jabba is a popular Hill Station and Ski Resort in Pakistan. Perched about 8,700 feet above sea level, Malam Jabba is an excellent skiing resort. The mighty Karakoram range and black mountains surround the resort and offers excellent views. Malam Jabba is located nearly 40km from Saidu Sharif in Swat Valley. Malam […]

Baltoro Glacier

Biafo Glacier

Godwin-Austen Glacier

Gondogoro La

Gondogoro La Gondogoro la or Pass is a 5585 meter high mountain pass has one of the most overwhelming mountain panoramas anywhere in the world, with all of the Karakoram’s 8000m peaks close at hand.  Gondogoro la Location It is in Baltistan region of Pakistan 25 km south of the world’s second-highest peak, K2. It […]

Hispar Pass

Hispar Pass Hispar Pass at at altitude of 5,151m/16,900 ft) is a high-altitude, non-technical mountain pass in the Karakoram Range in Pakistan. At the pass, the Biafo Glacier (63 km long) and Hispar Glacier (4 9 km long) meet at Hispar Pass to form the world’s longest glacial traverse outside of the polar regions, 100 […]

Shandur Pass

Shandur Pass Shandur Pass the highest polo ground in the world, is about 3738 meter above sea level and lies midway between Chitral,147 Km and Gilgit, 211Km. The Shandur Polo ground is in Ghizer district Northern Area. It is bordered on the west by Yarkoon valley of Chitral and on the northen side by the […]

Saiful Muluk

Saiful Muluk Saiful MulukAt an altitude of 3,224 m (10,578 feet) above sea level it is amongst one of the highest lakes in Pakistan. The water is spectacularly clear with a slight green tone. Is is a lake located at the northern end of the Kaghan Valley near Naran. A fairy tale called Saiful Muluk, […]

Lulusar Lake

Lulusar Lake Lulusar Lake has a very enchanting beauty and its view remains in the mind of tourist for a long time. 48 kilometers away from Naran, on Naran-Babusar road, wreathed in blue and gold wild flowers, it is the main source of river Kunhar. Lulusar Lake also known as Lulusir is a lake at […]

Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar Lake Dudipatsar Lake, also known as Dudipat Lake, is a lake encircled by snow clad peaks in Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park. This name has been given to the lake because of the white color of snow on surrounding peaks. In summer the water of the lake reflects like a mirror. The word “sar” is used […]

Attabad Lake

Ansoo Lake

Ansoo Lake Ansoo Lake is located in Kaghan Valley of District Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is located at an altitude of 13,927 feet (4245 meters) above sea level and considered among one of the highest lakes of Himalayas. The lake is situated near Malika Parbat, the highest mountain of Kaghan Valley. Ansoo Lake Overview: […]

Upper Kachura Lake

Upper Kachura Lake The beauty of the Upper Kachura Lake is almost untampered and mostly unexplored by travelers, due to lack of infrastructure owing to its rough terrain. Upper Kachura Lake lies in the Skardu District of Gilgit-Baltistan, northern Pakistan. The area has a rich flora of the Western Himalayan subalpine conifer forests ecoregion, and […]

Kachura Lake

Handarap Lake

Handarap Lake Handarap Lake is a high altitude water reservoir situated in the Shandur Valley in Ghizer, the westernmost part of the Gilgit-Baltistan, the northernmost part of Pakistan. Handarap Lake is located in Handarap Nallah, in the Golaghmuli or Shandur Valley of Ghizer District, in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The lake is an important source of fresh […]

Khalti Lake

Khalti Lake Khalti Lake is situated in the Tehsil Punial of Ghizer District, the westernmost part of the Gilgit–Baltistan region and northernmost territory of Pakistan. Khalti Lake is located in Khalti Village of Ghizer District (Gilgit-Baltistan), Pakistan at about 2,217 metres (7,274 ft) from sea level.This lake is an important source of fresh water an […]

Jarba Zhou Lake

Jarba Zhou  Jarba Zhou lake is a beautiful lake encircled by snow clad peaks and Shigar river. Its water is beautiful greenish blue and very cold too.  This lake is very little visited by people and its natural beauty is still very much protected. the water of lake reflects like a mirror, it has very […]


Sheosar Lake

Rush Lake

Rush Lake Rush Lake is a high altitude lake located in Nagar Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan near Rush Pari Peak, 5,098 m (16,726 ft). At 4,694 meters, Rush is one of the highest alpine lakes in the world. It is located about 15 km (9 mi) north of Miar Peak and Spantik (Golden Peak), which are […]

Karambar Lake

Karambar Lake Karambar Lake is the 31st highest lake in the world and 2nd highest in Pakistan a height of 14,121 feet (4,304 m) and one of the highest biologically active lakes on earth. Karambar Lake also known as Qurumbar Lake, is a high altitude lake located in Ishkomen, a Tehsil of District Ghizer in […]

Ucchali Lake

Ucchali Lake Tucked in the southern periphery of the Salt Range and hemmed in by its higher cliffs, is a cluster of natural Ucchali Lake,  Jhallar in district Khushab. These lakes are said to be 400 years old, maybe more. The lakes are a prime sanctuary for the migratory birds and were declared a protected […]

Khabikki Lake

Khabikki Lake Khabikki Lake is a salt water lake in the southern Salt Range area in Pakistan. This lake is formed due to the absence of drainage in the range. Earlier its water was brackish. Now the water is sweet and a Chinese breed of fish is introduced in it. Khabikki Lake is one kilometer […]

Namal Lake

Namal Lake Namal Lake is located in Rikhi, a village on one corner of the Namal valley in Mianwali, Punjab, Pakistan. It was formed following the construction of Namal Dam in 1913. Namal Dam is situated some 32 km from Mianwali city. The lake has a surface area of 5.5 km². There are mountains on […]


Tharparkar Tharparkar district is located in Sindh, Pakistan. According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, it had a population of 955,812 of which only 4.54%. The district lies between 24° 10′ to 25°45′ north latitudes and 69′ 04′ to 71°06′ east longitude. It is bounded on the north by Mirpurkhas and Umerkot districts, on the […]

Manchar Lake

Manchar Lake Manchar Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Pakistan and one of Asia’s largest. It is located west of the Indus River, in Jamshoro District, Sindh. Manchar Lake is located at a distance of 18 km from Sehwan Sharif on west side of the River Indus, in district Jamshoro. before creation of Jamshoro […]

Daral Lake

Daral Lake Daral Lake also known Daraal Dand is an alpine scenic lake in the hill top of Bahrain a region of Swat Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the Province of Pakistan. It is situated to the northeast of Saidgai Lake. Daral Dand is situated in the western upper reaches of Bahrain, in the foothills of […]

Dharamsar Lake

Dharamsar Lake Dharamsar is an alpine lake in the Kaghan Valley in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is located approximately 4,100 meters (13,450 feet) above sea level to the left of Babusar Top going eastwards from Chilas on the Karakoram Highway, next to the larger Sambaksar (“sar” means “lake” locally) and Ganai Gali. Dharamsar […]

Saidgai Lake

Saidgai Lake Saidgai Lake is situated in the Hindukush chain of mountains, interspersed by several small and large lakes, which runs from the western edges of the Pamir plateau, west of the Karakoram. The mountains have snow-covered tops and are crossed by some minor glaciers. Saidgai Lake is located in the peripheries of Swat and […]

Baha Lake

Baha Lake Baha Lake is located in Koh-i-Ghizer of District Ghizer, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The estimate terrain elevation above seal level is 3,622 metres (11,883 ft). Its direction is from north to south. Baha is situated in Shandur Valley Tehsil Gupis of Ghizer District, Ghizer District, the westernmost part of the Northern Areas and northernmost territory […]

Chillinji Pass

Chillinji Pass Chillinji pass (elev. 17,503 feet, also marked as 17,360 ft) is a high mountain pass that connects Karambar river valley (upper Gilgit valley) in Ishkoman tehsil of Ghizer district with Chapursan river valley (upper Hunza valley) in Gojal tehsil of Gilgit district in the Northern Areas in Pakistan. It is also spelled as […]

Thoi pass

Thoi pass (16,420 ft.) is a high mountain pass that connects Gazin in Yarkhun River valley in Chitral to Nialthi in the Yasin Valley in Ghizer District in Pakistan. Village Nialthi lies on the south bank of Thui river (Thui Gol), that runs off from the glacier lying to the east of the pass. It […]

Broghil Pass

Broghil Pass Broghil Pass, also spelled Broghol (el. 3798 m./12,460 ft), is a high mountain pass along the Durand Line border that crosses the Hindu Kush mountain range and connects Wakhan District of Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan with Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Broghil is a relatively low pass. It was closed for about three […]

Broghil Valley

Broghil Valley Broghil Valley, is undulating, with steep mountains, wide stretch grassy plains and narrow valleys. Broghil valley and national park located in the upper northern reaches Chitral District, of Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is located close to the Afghan-Pakistan border. Broghil valley is located at a distance of 250 km from main Chitral town and […]

Borith Lake

Borith Lake Borith Lake is a lake in Gulmit, Hunza Valley in Gilgit–Baltistan, Pakistan. Borith is a hamlet in the surroundings of the Borith Lake to the northwest of Husseini, a village near Gulmit, Gojal, in the upper Hunza. The altitude of Borith is roughly 2,600 metres (8,500 ft) above sea level. Borith Lake Location […]

Snow Lake

Snow Lake Snow Lake, is not a lake, despite its name but a high-altitude glacial basin in the Karakoram mountain range in Shigar valley, Gilgit-Baltistan region of northern Pakistan. Snow Lake is located 16,000 feet (4,877 m) above sea level, and is approximately 10 miles (16 km) wide. The basin lies at the head of […]

Churna Island

Churna Island Charna Island (also spelled Churna Island ) is located near Mubarak Goth, Kiamari Town in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Locally known as ‘Cheerno,’ Churna Island is one of the most secluded and peaceful places for the underwater enthusiasts who wish for a quiet getaway. Churna Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the Arabian […]


Concordia Concordia  is the name for the confluence of the Baltoro Glacier and the Godwin-Austen Glacier in the heart of the Karakoram mountain range of Pakistan. It is located in the Baltistan region of Pakistan, at 4,691 metres (15,390 ft) above sea level. The area is often used as a base camp for mountaineering expeditions on K2 and other nearby peaks, and is also a popular destination for trekkers […]

Central Karakorum National Park

Central Karakoram National Park Central Karakoram National Park is a national park located in Skardu district of Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan. It encompasses some of the world’s highest peaks and largest glaciers. Internationally renowned for mountaineering, rock climbing and trekking opportunities, it covers an area of about 10,000 sq. km and contains the greatest concentration of […]

Satpara Lake

Satpara Lake Satpara sar Lake is situated at an elevation of 2,636 meters (8,650 ft) above sea level and is spread over an area of 2.5 km with a depth of 33 metres. Satpara Lake Location It is a natural lake near Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, which supplies water to Skardu Valley. It is fed by […]

Naltar Lakes

Naltar Lakes There are three lakes in Naltar Valley known as Naltar Lakes Bashkiri Lakes at altitudes ranging from 3,050–3,150 metres (10,010–10,330 ft). The lakes are surrounded by dense pine forests. In one of the three lakes colour of water is green (due to grasses grown inside the lake) while the second has blue colored […]

Phander Lake

Phander Lake Phander Lake also called Nango Chatt, is about to 44 meters (144 ft) deep, in which huge trees are clearly seen. This lake is an important source of fresh water. Phander Lake Location Phander Lake is a lake and is located in Koh-i-Ghizer of Gupis-Yasin, a district of Gilgit-Baltistan. Also, the lake is […]

Kutwal Lake

Kutwal Lake Kutwal Lake is a high-altitude lake located in the Haramosh valley of Gilgit district, in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The valley of Haramosh is about 60 miles to the east of the district capital, Gilgit. The lake is surrounded by several high mountains, including Haramosh Peak, Laila Peak and Dobani Peak.

Kharfaq Lake

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