Pakistan is an abode of nature’s fabulous creations and unexplained mysteries. A country of a large topographic diversity and natural wonders, Pakistan is the most popular destination for surreal experiences. From the icy peaks of the Karakorum, Hindu Kush and Himalayas in the North, to the sun-kissed beaches in the South; from the highest cold deserts in the world, to dry deserts of the south to the driest place on earth in the east, Pakistan is often rightly called the mini world. This South Asian country is rife with natural wonders, from salt mines, golden sand dunes and Largest number of glaciers in the world, icy lakes, to labyrinth caves to natural bridges.

Pakistan, a country with an astounding array of natural wonders, an incredible history dating back thousands of years and a cultural backdrop that never fails to dazzle.

A nature wonder holiday is designed to take you to the heart of the action. Whether you want to marvel at the thunderous energy of mighty waterfalls, or simply immerse yourself in an environment unlike anything you’ve seen before, a natural wonder trip will take you there.

Nature Tours in Pakistan