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Whether you embark on a solo trek to K2 or embark on a family expedition to Kalash, when you choose to travel with us, you are contributing positively to the destinations you explore, and enriching the lives of the local communities and wildlife you encounter during your journey. Our guiding principles of Responsible Travel—focused on environmental conservation, community empowerment, and animal welfare—are integrated into every aspect of our tours. Here’s how we uphold these commitments during our tours and beyond.

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Supporting local communities

For us, traveling has always been about more than seeing places at their surface level. It’s about lifting up local economies, creating social opportunities, and preserving global cultures. Ways we do this on tour include dining at independently owned restaurants, partnering with organizations that preserve cultural heritage, and supporting businesses that employ local artisans and other staff members.

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Putting the planet first

We aren’t alone in our efforts to preserve the planet. In the places we visit on tour, we partner with restaurants, hotels, farms, and other local suppliers who promote eco-friendly practices, which range from waste reduction to the use of alternative energy.

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Sharing heritage

As you explore your destination, you’ll learn about local lifestyle and social philosophies, agricultural methods, time-honored culinary practices, and other enduring traditions that are central to its essence and identity.

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Supporting conservation

Appreciating the world’s ecosystems goes hand in hand with helping to preserve them. We prioritize the health of the environment by offering no-impact travel experiences in fragile ecosystems, as well as learning opportunities at protected sites.

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Appreciating culture

One of the best ways to learn about and appreciate a new-to-you culture is by sharing in its creative traditions. On tour, we’ll open your eyes (and ears) to new and old forms of art, storytelling and other modes of expression.

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Empowering locals

Wherever we can, we shine a spotlight on organizations that are working to better their own local communities and the lives of their staff. We also partner with small, locally owned suppliers so that revenue generated from our tours remains in the places we visit.

Our obligation is punctuality; all other aspects are meticulously arranged on our behalf. This meticulous organization ensures a stress-free tour experience, allowing us to fully savor the journey without the burden of planning.
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More ways to make a difference

  • Eat at locally owned restaurants, where the food is more likely to be locally sourced.
  • Support local businesses to ensure money is invested back into the community.
  • Be aware of monetary norms (think: tipping and negotiating) in your destination.
  • Talk to your Experience leader about when it’s appropriate to take photos, and ask people for permission before you take their picture.
  • You’ll learn a lot while on tour, but take some time to read up on your destinations before you go.
  • Wear culturally appropriate clothing and be respectful when visiting religious sites.
  • Consider giving gifts or donations directly to reputable NGOs, charities, or schools, where they’ll make the most impact.
  • Approach cultural differences with empathy and an open mind.


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