Cherry blossoms signal a time of renewal and also coincide with the Pakistan calendar year. The Cherry Blossoms, have dazzled and overwhelm visitors and locals. More than a beautiful, simple tree, the cherry blossom is a symbol of renewal and hope with powerful ties to Norhtern Pakistan’s history, culture and identity. When the flowers are in bloom, the people of Pakistan begin their new work in fields garden. With their radiant, delicate beauty, the sea of soft pink flowers have romanced, so much so, they created a word to symbolize heading outdoors to appreciate it. The season invokes feelings of hope and optimism as people set out to start a new chapter in their lives.

With different varieties, the wave of pink, which sweeps up the country beginning in March, announces the arrival of spring each year, symbolizing human life, transience, and honor.

Across Northern Pakistan’s diverse landscape, the magical moment of blooming occurs from March to April for a brief period of full bloom. Once in full bloom people  love to celebrate and cherish the enchanting moment by taking strolls and having picnics under the pink petals which gently float to the ground.

Cherry blossom season is now one of the most iconic experiences and the small window of opportunity to visit this astonishing time means places fill up quickly. The best way to experience this fascinating natural wonder is on tour with us. Explore our Pakistan tours now to ensure you don’t miss out!

When is the Cherry/Spring Blossom Season in Pakistan?

The blooming season for cherry blossoms beings in the North at lower elevation and makes its way to up to higher elevation. In low-altitude regions, apricot, cherry, apple, peach trees bloom much later when compared to higher altitude areas. The list below shows the general dates for when the cherry blossoms begin to bloom.

SkarduLate March – Early April
RonduLate March – Early April
GilgitLate March – Early April
HunzaLate March – Early April
AstoreMid-April – Late April
RupalMid-April – Late April
GhizerLate March – Early April
HunzaMid-April – Late April
HusheLate April – Early May
BahsaLate April – Early May

Note: You are not guaranteed to see cherry blossoms during these approximate dates due to fluctuating weather conditions that can affect the blooming period.

Spring Blossom Tours in Pakistan