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Strenuous Treks

We have graded each trek based on the level of terrain, length of walks and climate. Treks graded easy and moderate would be suitable for almost anyone with a lust for adventure while treks graded difficult and/or strenuous requires a certain amount of experience and physical health.

Our trekking trips are designed to be accessible to all who are in good health and enjoy the outdoors, but fitness levels are important and you should consider carefully which trip is right for you. We consider the following attributes to classify a trek as ‘Moderate trek.”

Trail type: Defined trail with occasional surprises. May require you to adapt or manoeuvre on tricky sections.  The trail may contain walking on different type of terrains like boulders, scree, mud, snow, ice, moraine etc.

Trekking Duration: Should be between 5 to 8 days of walking.

Trail Length: Within 80 Km.

Trekking time per day: On an average 6/7 hours per day. There can be a day of 4/5 hours walk and an odd day with 8/10 hours.

Physicality: Between 6/10 to 7.5/10 in relative scale.

Maximum altitude: Within 16500 ft/5000 m.

Altitude gain per day: Up to 3500 ft/1200 m per day on a strenuous day.

Strenuous Treks in Pakistan

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