Terms & Conditions For Booking

Let’s know about terms and conditions

We invite and welcome visitors on www.vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers website. This aim of this website is to assist customers to gather travel information, post reviews/opinions on their travel related experiences/issues, engage them in travel related forums so that they gather maximum information on the travel industry/countries/cities around the world. By accessing or using www.vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers in any manner, it is considered that you have EXPRESSLY AGREED AND CONSENTED to be bound by the agreement/terms and conditions, as if you had signed this agreement. Please read the agreement/terms and conditions carefully. If you do not accept all of these terms and conditions, please do not use this website. We suggest visitors of www.vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers to return to this page periodically to review the most current version of the agreement. www.vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers reserves the right at any time, at its sole discretion, to change or otherwise modify the agreement without prior notice, and your continued access or use of this website signifies your acceptance of the updated or modified/amended agreement.

Booking And Payments
All online payments that happen for any of the products or services booked on www.vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers are secure. ‘vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers’ does not store the credit/debit or any other payment card details of any customer in the database or in any data backup system. Once you are ready to transact you are transferred directly to the bank website. The card details are captured on the bank website and not in vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers. ‘vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers’ takes no responsibility, in case of any misuse of credit card by whomsoever.

‘vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers’ acts as an agent for its third party providers and distributors for all products and services purchased by you on this website. You may place bookings for or may make purchases of products and services online at this site. A contract for the sale and purchase of products and services may be made online at this site by your acceptance of the products and services offered on the site (the “contract”) by third party providers and/or distributors and/or where stated, vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers, and you hereby agree to waive any rights to challenge the validity or enforceability of contracts entered into on this site, on the grounds that it was made in electronic form instead of by paper and/or signed or sealed.

Please note that by indicating your acceptance to purchase any product or service offered on the website, you are obligated to complete such transactions. You are prohibited from indicating your acceptance to purchase products and services where you do not intend to complete such transactions. You may not purchase goods or services that you are prohibited from purchasing or possessing by any applicable Pakistani or local laws. The responsibility for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws shall be yours alone. By submitting an order to purchase goods or services, you represent and warrant that you have the legal right to purchase, utilize and/or possess such goods or services.

In case any user is booking a ticket/hotel or any other online services via a credit/debit/gift card which is not directly in the name of the person availing these services – www.vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers reserves the right to cancel/hold the said service till the time proper verification is provided. In case you are booking using someone else`s credit/debit/gift card – you are requested to send us a copy of the card used (at the following email id: bookings@vepakistan.com) a photo identification card of the person in whose name the card is, as well as the person in whose name the services are being provided and an authority letter from the said credit/debit/gift card holder.

In case any of the above mentioned conditions are not met, www.vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers reserves the right to declare such transactions as fraudulent and cancel/hold the service provided. It also holds the right to charge the requisite cancellation charges that may be applicable before refunding any such amount.
Amendment To Booking & Purchase
Kindly read and note the terms & conditions for amendment in bookings and purchases, while making the booking or purchase, which may vary for each product and service. If you don’t find any terms and conditions regarding the amended policy, you may not change your booking or purchase online. Kindly call our team to know the amendment policy and make the necessary amendment.
Cancellation & Refunds
Cancellation of bookings and cancellation policy differs for each product or service. When you make a booking, kindly view terms & conditions of each product or service, which reflects the cancellation, refund with booking terms & conditions. You can cancel the purchased product or service online through our email -accounts@vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers . If you find difficulty in cancelling, you can get the same cancelled by calling our numbers. Cancellation of your request may require a minimum processing time, subject to specific terms and conditions applicable to the type of product or service booked & purchased.

There may be a full cancellation penalty on the products or services booked and purchased, which are non-utilized or cancelled after the cancellation deadline mentioned in the terms and conditions, while making the purchase.

You agree to bear the full cost of any booking, cancellation and administration fees for any products or services booked but not utilized for any reason. In some cases, vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers may charge cancellation or amendment fees in addition to those imposed by travel service providers.

‘vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers’ reserves the right to decline any booking or purchase for any reason and shall not be held liable for any resulting claims of losses, damages or compensation. In such an event, vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers shall refund to you all unutilized money collected from you for that purchase.

For bookings and purchases, which has already been paid by you, when cancelled, refunds will be made (based on the refund policy, mentioned in terms and conditions, while making the booking or at the time of purchase). For air ticket, it may take between 30-45 working days and for the hotels it may take between 10-15 working days for the amount to get credited into your account. Refund policies may vary for every product and service.

  1. Date of booking to 30 days before checkin the cancellation charges will be 35% of the package cost.
    2. 30 to 15 days before checkin the cancellation charges will be 60% of the package cost.
    3. 15 to 7 days before checkin the cancellation charges will be 85% of the package cost.
    4. Less than 7 days before checkin Total amount will be forfeited and no refund shall be given.
    5. No show Total amount will be forfeited and no refund shall be given.

Cancellation Policy is subject to change. It’s purely depends upon the cancellation policy of respective hotels. In Peaks seasons, Some hotels may charge 100% cancellation. The preceding refund timeline is a guide for your reference only and shall not be binding upon vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers.
Duplicate Bookings
You agree that multiple duplicate bookings for the same traveler(s) are not allowed and may result in damage and loss to vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers which you will bear in full.
Products & Services
Products & service statements on this website are for general descriptive purposes only and not all the products or services are available in every state or country. You can send us an inquiry by clicking our contact us or send query section, we will provide you with the details regarding terms & conditions, exclusions, products and services applicable to you. Please note the products and services that can be booked and purchased on the website.

1: Hotels -When you make a hotel booking on the website, kindly go through the fact sheet with the terms and conditions carefully to ensure the amenities present in the hotel or the category of the hotel is as per your requirement. ‘vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers’ keeps updating the fact sheets with the terms and conditions of the hotels, however, it is dependent on the hotel to provide us with the updated information. Renovation of hotels is normally undertaken at the sole discretion of hotels and not necessarily is informed to us. In case of any disputes, vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers shall not be held liable for any disruption in information.

2: Sightseeing Tours -There is a choice of seat in coach (SIC) sightseeing and private sightseeing tours. Seat in coach tours / transfers may have a waiting time at the airport / hotels. Seat in coach tours is as per the fixed timings and does not allow you to stop at any site of interest to you, which are not a part of the program, as seat in coach tours are fixed with a schedule. You have to make a choice according to your requirement and budget. Entrance fees at the monuments or places of interest are not included in the sightseeing tours unless and until specified.

3: Airlines -There is a choice to book low cost airlines and full service airline options. Low cost airlines do not have all the services on board in the flight, so kindly choose the airlines carefully and please read the terms & conditions/cancellation policy before making any purchase of the airline ticket. There are paper tickets/e-tickets that will be issued to you and both are valid to travel by the airlines. With e-tickets, there is a mandatory requirement of the original identity photo card for you to carry and show at the check-in counter of the airport. ‘vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers’ is only an intermediary party and hence takes no responsibility in case of any delay, change in route or cancellation of the flight due to any reasons.

4: Holidays -Kindly read the terms & conditions with the inclusions, package itinerary and other details before making any purchase of the holiday packages. In case if the package is not as per your requirement or suits your needs, we can also customize the same for you. Kindly click on the send query of the website with all the details like hotel category, no. of nights, no. of Pax, destinations would like to visit, etc. and our customer care team will get back to you with the package.

5: Car Rental (Self Drive Or Chauffeur Drive) -Please read the terms & conditions before making any purchase of this service. ‘vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers’ takes no responsibility in case of any breakdown of the car or the quality of the car is not up to the level and delays due to bad traffic conditions, any penalty due to speed by the driver or by yourself, etc.

6: Travel Insurance -vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers strongly recommends insurance cover and safety for all the traveler/s travelling domestically or outside the country.
Traveler/s can purchase the travel insurance by calling our number. Please read the terms and conditions given by the insurance provider before issuing the same. ‘vepakistan.com C/o Vertical Explorers’ takes no responsibility and liability on the claims and disputes whatsoever as mentioned by the insurance provider.