Explore with your group—and enjoy exclusive rewards along the way.

What could be more rewarding than exploring Pakistan? Embark on your journey without bearing the financial burden

Our Group Coordinator program offers you the opportunity to facilitate such experiences. Upon enrollment, you’ll gain access to numerous benefits, including a complimentary spot on the tour for every six travelers you bring along.

Overview of Our Group Coordinator Program

Supportive, enriching, transformative. A commitment of time that yields invaluable, communal experiences.


Call a Tour Consultant

Expert Consultant. Trusted Mentor. Illuminating Your Journey. Our dedicated Tour Consultant is here to assist you in navigating the program, addressing your inquiries, and facilitating your trip planning process. Simply reach out to us at 1-800-438-7672 to commence your journey.


Select Your Ideal Trip

Discover from our diverse selection of over 100 tours, with personalized guidance from your dedicated Tour Consultant to assist you in refining your options. Interested in exploring a particular theme or passion? Allow us to design a Private or Customized Tour tailored exclusively for your group.


Organize your group

By bringing more fellow travelers along on your tour, you enhance your opportunity to earn rewarding benefits. While this endeavor requires dedication, rest assured, our team is readily available to offer assistance throughout the process. Therefore, we encourage you to extend invitations to friends, family, neighbors, and anyone eager for an adventurous journey to join you on the road.


See Pakistan

Whether your crew’s bound for sunny southern beaches or National parks, or somewhere in the mountains of North, it’s time to share magical moments on tour. (We can’t wait to hear about it when you’re back!)

A few of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Unlimited Complimentary Travel Opportunities: Yes, you heard it correctly. For every six travelers you introduce, you’ll receive a complimentary slot on the tour. And the best part? There are no restrictions on the number of complimentary spaces you can earn or tours you can embark on. It’s our way of expressing gratitude for your support.
  • Exclusive Tours: Tailored specifically for Group Coordinators: These exceptional journeys to captivating destinations such as K2, Skardu, Hunza are meticulously crafted. They encompass guided sightseeing excursions, immersive experiences, and ample opportunities for exchanging not just travel anecdotes but also recruitment tactics.
  • Discover the benefits of our esteemed loyalty program tailored for travelers. Upon booking a tour, you will seamlessly become a member of VE Rewards, our exclusive loyalty initiative. Accumulate valuable Global Points throughout your journeys and redeem them for a variety of  Tours,  excursions, and immersive on-tour experiences, and beyond.

  • Furthermore, enjoy the privilege of extending tour discounts to your companions, enhancing the camaraderie among your fellow travelers. Experience the satisfaction of sharing exceptional moments while reaping the rewards of your loyalty.


Now that you've gained an understanding of the process, let's delve into the support services available

As a Group Coordinator, rest assured that you won’t have to navigate the planning process alone. We provide essential resources to support you in facilitating seamless travel experience.

A VE team just for you

Our proficient Tour Consultant is committed to assisting you in selecting the ideal excursion or tailoring a Private or Customized Tour to accommodate your group's preferences. Your designated Account Manager stands prepared to facilitate various aspects of your journey, including travelers' payments, insurance arrangements, and additional inquiries.

Mentorship Opportunities

Engage with Our Advisors, Connect with our experienced Group Coordinators, who serve as Global Ambassadors, bringing years of expertise and valuable insights to enhance your journey. They are readily available to share their knowledge and experiences, providing guidance whenever you require it.

Recruiting materials

To assist you in attracting travelers, we will provide customized flyers, posters, and business cards for distribution and display. Additionally, you will receive our comprehensive Group Coordinator Toolkit to support your efforts.

A private Facebook group

Join our exclusive Facebook group where you can engage with fellow members of our Group Coordinator community. Participate in discussions, seek advice, share travel tips and strategies, upload on-tour photos, and connect with like-minded individuals passionate about exploring the world.

Exclusive Rewards and Benefits Unmatched in the Industry

Encouraging fellow travelers serves as a gratifying aspect of assuming the role of Group Coordinator, complemented by its inherent challenges. In appreciation of this dedication, we proudly offer the most comprehensive travel loyalty program and unmatched perks available in the industry.