Parishing Valley

Perishing valley is located in Astore approximately 160 KM from Gilgit, 70 Km from the KKH at jaglot and 20 KM from Skardu via shargunthang. The region includes a range of high altitude mountains, eco systems and ecologically falls in to the transition of alpine to dry temperature zones. BANAK A is also located in Parishing which is trek to enter Skardu, Like Rama Valley, Gutumsar Parishing valley is home to variety of fauna such as ibex, musk deer, snow leopard and rock partridge. Medicinal plants are also found in abundance. Besides other attractions, this area is famous for Urdoung Lake. there is Harpo pass which is 25 KMs from district headquarters Astore and is situated in Perishing valley. Harpo pass is the best and short link between Astore and Skardu (Roundo). The distance from Gutumsar perishing Astore to Skardu is only 30 KMs. The pass is at an altitude of 3,500 meter. The high snow capped mountains and glaciers are all around the pass.

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