Booking a tour

How to book a tour

We recommend reaching out to one of our expert Tour Consultants at Vertical Explorers Pakistan to book your tour directly. They can be reached at +92 (0)31 555 444 34. Most tours can also be provisionally booked through our website.

Hold your spot on tour with a deposit of $99 when you enroll in EasyPay. The sooner you reserve, the lower your monthly payment. Otherwise, expect a deposit of:

$300 – for most tours within Pakistan

$450 for tours outside Pakistan, Special Event Tours or Customized Tours

When booking a tour online:

Select your desired date.

Choose the number of travelers.

Log in using your email associated with your Vertical Explorers Pakistan account (or create a new one) to complete the information process.

Once logged in, provide traveler details, one of our team member will get back to you by email contact number by whatspp or call sooner during office hours.

If it is not successful, Fill out the contact form to get in touch with our team. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request or inform you about newly added departure dates that may suit your schedule.

Booking for multiple people:

If you’re interested in reserving multiple spots on a tour, we’re happy to set up multiple payment plans for your party. Additionally, if you’re booking for yourself and a group of six or more travelers, you may qualify as a Group Coordinator. Find out more about our Group Travel Program.

When to Book a Tour

We advise booking your tour as early as possible, particularly if you have specific preferences for timing and pricing. A time frame of one month (for general tours and treks) or two months to a year ( for trekking in restricted areas ) in advance is recommended to secure your travel plans and reserve your tour.

Secure your spot on a tour with a deposit of $99 when you opt for EasyPay. The earlier you book, the lower your monthly payments will be. Otherwise, expect a deposit of:

$300 for most tours within Pakistan

$450 for tours outside Pakistan, Special Event Tours, or Customized Tours

We strive to accommodate last-minute travel plans as close to the departure date as possible. Learn more about late reservation requests.

For bookings, contact Vertical Explorers Pakistan at +92 (0)31 555 444 34.

Last-Minute Reservations

We understand that planning last-minute adventures can sometimes be necessary. At Vertical Explorers Pakistan, we strive to accommodate late reservation requests for tours departing in 3 days or more. Please note that we are unable to accept late reservation requests if a tour departs within 2 days. Late reservations occur when a tour is booked on or after the Tour Finalization Date has passed.

What is the Tour Finalization Date?

The Tour Finalization Date marks when all arrangements are confirmed on our end. It’s a crucial deadline to keep in mind as you prepare for your journey! If you’re not enrolled in EasyPay, it’s also the deadline for your final payment. For most tours, the Tour Finalization Date is 30 days before departure. However, for restricted Areas Treks( 40 days)  and  Mountaineer in restricted zones or above 6500 m, it’s 70 days before departure.

At this stage, we’ve already confirmed the final number of travelers with our partners, so additional space requests may take longer to process compared to earlier bookings.

Late Reservation Process

To begin working on your late reservation, you must meet two requirements:

Full Tour Payment: All late reservations require full payment at the time of booking. If we’re unable to confirm your spot, you’ll receive a full refund.

Passport Information: We need your full passport details for bookings such as flights, transportation, and entrance tickets. Please have this information ready when you contact us.

While we confirm most late reservations, there’s a possibility that hotels may be fully booked for your requested tour and date. In such cases, you’ll be eligible for a full refund, or we can explore alternative dates or tours for you.

Interested in joining a tour as a late addition? Please call +92 (0)31 555 444 34 to speak with one of our expert Tour Consultants.

Waitlist Reservations

If your desired tour with Vertical Explorers Pakistan is fully booked or lacks your preferred hotel, you have the option to join the waitlist. Here we ((outlines the waitlist process and what to expect if you’re on it for a tour within Pakistan.

When booking a tour, you’ll be notified if a waitlist is available. Opting for the waitlist requires paying the tour’s deposit, which is refundable if your spot isn’t confirmed. We’ll contact you if spots open up due to cancellations by other travelers.

Reasons for Waitlisting

You may be waitlisted if a tour is fully booked or if specific room types, such as private rooms, are unavailable. In both cases, spots can open up if cancellations occur.

Confirmation Process

We continuously monitor open spots on waitlisted tours. If we confirm your spot, you’ll receive an email notification. You have 72 hours to confirm your participation; after this, cancellation fees may apply. If a spot opens up after the final payment date, full payment is required to confirm your spot.

Upon confirmation, log in to your account to accept Terms & Conditions, update traveler details, and make any necessary payments. While waitlisted, access to the tour in your account will be restricted, with a banner indicating your waitlist status.

Inability to Confirm

The latest deadline for waitlisting is 30 days before the tour’s departure date. If spots don’t open up by then, we’ll contact you. You can then opt to rebook for a different tour/date or receive a refund of your deposit.

For groups, all members must have available spots to be confirmed simultaneously. Individual confirmations are not possible unless travelers are comfortable traveling alone if spots don’t open up for their companions.

For inquiries or assistance, please contact us at +92 (0)31 555 444 34.