Bagrot Valley

Bagrot Valley

Bagrot valley located in Northern Pakistan near Gilgit, with a steep river in narrow valley with terraced fields of all sizes, beautiful meadows and orchards irrigated by a sophisticated system of water channels which are fed by the melting water of the various glaciers and snow from the mountains.

Bagrot Valley is very beautiful and attractive tourists’ point in Gilgit-Baltistan, which is a magnet of lot of tourists from different part of the world in addition to Pakistan. It is situated in the area which is known and famous for its elegant  mountains, pretty lakes, lust green meadows and sweet flowing rivers. Its actual location is in the Karakorum Mountain Range in Gilgit-Baltistan.

This valley has also  a river namely Bagrot River, which flows through the valley and  provides water to Jalalabad and merges with Gilgit River. Usually, the tourists like to visit the valley in summer as there is no snow which can hinder their way. On can reach the valley through one hour drive from  Gilgit.

This valley is not only beautiful for its natural scenery but also different kinds of fruits  in addition to vegetables which are produced in abundance. Moreover thick forests are also there in which different types of herbals are found also. The people of this valley speak Shina Language which cannot be understood by the visitors and they often need a proper translator.

This valley consists of different villages namely, Hamaran, Sinakar, Datuchi, Bolchi, Farfu and Hopay. An un-metalled road connects these villages  but villages situated on either sides are linked by a cable cars through which goods and other items can be transported more easily.

The main source of income for the people of valley is agriculture. In this regard the people produce wheat, tomatoes, potatoes, apples, pears and apricots etc. In addition, as the Karakorum Highway has been constructed recently, some light of new civilization has also been come here in the shape of cinemas, shops for mountain articles in addition to small hotels to facilitate the tourists.

The valley has a distinction that the people of the valley are not hundred percent Muslim. The valley has a tehsil namely Danyor, district namely Gilgit and province, already indicated Gilgit-Baltistan. The population of the valley is only 25,000. The only hotel of the valley is Sarai Hotel which provides foodstuffs to visitors according to their will. The valley has also  a girl school where 300 students get education.

Bagrot Valley Popular Attractions:

Bagrot’s main valley is of 25 km length and can be reached from Gilgit in 2 hours. After a 2 hours jeep drive beauty scenic summer settlements, pastures along the Barchi and Hinarchi glaciers poses wonderful views. There are many villages with verdant greenery along Bagrot valley.
Along Barechi glacier the scenic landscape of the summer valley with its temporary settlements, even more peaks and a broad river bed reveals itself a panoramic view with an impressive view of Rakaposhi peak. Its range marks the natural boundary between the valleys of Nagar and Bagrot.

Bagrot Valley Map

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