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Braldo Valley

Braldo Valley

Braldo Valley Shigar Gilgit Baltistan is one of the isolated and scantly inhabited Valleys. About 40 km North of Shigar valley is the start of Braldo valley, the most isolated of all the trans-Karakoram valleys.
Braldo is wrapped in snow-covered peaks and largest glaciers outside polar region. But there is nothing comparable to the wonderful view of the glaciers. Braldo has the distinction of being the least interfered with, of all settlements of Baltistan, and one of the last few surviving cultural satellites of Baltistan.
Virtually untouched by the winds of change and modernization till then, Braldo is now a favourite destination for trekkers and culture lovers. The Braldo Valley is heavily traveled in the summer mountaineering months. Supplies, food, tea and
sleep facilities are thus readily available. The entire ridgeline from above Yuno northwest
to the Braldo River has been worked in places. Previously this area was known as Bangia Bridge, referring to the bridge crossing the main channel of the Braldo River immediately south of the new town. Today, the new village of Haiderabad sits very close to many of the BangIa Bridge. The west side of Buspar Peak, directly above the very small village of Baha near the outlet of the Braldu Valley is currently being worked. To enter the Braldu Valley, one must follow the Jeep
trail as it gradually turns north. Nearing Baha, the road was blasted out of a rock face. The road
squeezes by the fast flowing river, passing an exposed pegmatite so closely that it can be easily
touched from inside the vehicle.
Two to three kilometers past Baha, there is a military checkpoint at which foreigners are asked to register. Another couple of kilometers to the north, there is a 40 year-old bridge with a police checkpoint. The bridge spans the Braldo River leaving travelers on the northwest bank. :The village of Teston is roughly two kilometers north of the bridge and a bit up from the road.
The village of Dassu is actually about 5 I, kilometers Upriver around a sharp eastward bend. Near the east end of this small village are several small shops selling food, staples and basic supplies. Continuing eastward on the north side of the Braldu, travelers encounter a Jeep road that veers off to the left, climbing a very steep zig-zag trail that winds up on a small plateau-home to the village of Nyet. The sole Jeep trail leading further into the valley at one time clung to the north side of the river until the bridge crossing at Apo Ali Gun. A new road now crosses the Braldu River closer to Byansapi.
A walk across the Apo Ali Gun bridge and about5 kilometers north brings travelers to a deep gash known as the Hoh Nala. Just across the bridge that spans HohNala and a few minutes to the south is the village of Chhaqpou.

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