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Ghizer Valley

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Ghizer Valley

Ghizer Valley is North most part of the Northern Areas of Pakistan. It joins with Wakhan strip on its north-west, and China on its north most borders. On its west, there is Chitral District of NWFP; and on its east is situated Gilgit. Diamer District is on its south. Its capital is Gakuch. The highest peak in Ghizer District is Koyo Zum (6,871 m) (Hindu Kush Range) which lies on the boundary of Ghizer District and NWFP.

Ghizer Valley Popular Attractions:

Some of the main places in the district are Ishkoman and Yasin valleys. Other places include Phandar, Khalti , Hundrap Gupis, Chatorkhand, Imit and Utz. Ghizer is also a contact point between Gilgit and Chitral via Shandur Pass. The main river in the district is Ghizer River, which is known as Gilgit River in the east of Gupis town. Some of its tributaries include Karambar River, Ishkoman River, Phakora River and Hayal River. Ghizer is a multi ethnic district and three major languages are spoken. Khowar, Shina and Burushaski are spoken in Ghizer. There are also a few Wakhi speakers in Ishkoman.

Ghizer Valley Accessibility:

Ghizer is connected to Chitral via Shandur pass( highest Polo ground in the world)and Gilgit which is well connected by air with Islamabad( weather dependent) and by road with Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Skardu. You can take a flight to Gilgit from the capital of the country and reach Ghizer.

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