Sonia Peak 6340m

Sonia Peak 6340m

Sonia Peak 6340m is located in the remote North Ghuzerav mountains north of Shimshal close to the Chapchingol Pass. Sonia referring to an expedition members’ wife. It falls within the boundaries of the Khunjerab National Park which is adjacent to the Tashkorgan National Park in China.
The Ghuzerav mountains are underexplored with numerous virgin peaks awaiting the intrepid climber. At the heart of the range is Sonia Peak, a beautiful pyramid of almost perfect symmetry.

It is ideal for those looking for a technically easy climb in the outback of Pakistan’s wilderness and is no more than an Alpine PD grade. Whilst the peak is relatively close to the KKH few people choose to climb mountains in the Karakoram range this far north.

Sonia Peak was found and name by Michael Beek of Germany in 1994, The peak’s name and climbing route was than first introduced in the first edition of the geman trekking guide “Pakistan-Land-Geschichte-Kultur” in 1996.

Dispite the mountain’s remoteness it has since been climbed many times with the most popular route approaching from Chapchingol Base Camp to the East. A less familiar ascent can alternatively be made from the north along an unnamed glacier which eventually leads to the KKH by way of a small river. The north ridge was first climbed by a Local Shimshali guide and resultantly referred to as the “Hasil Route”. This north route is considered safer then the south face with quicker assess.

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