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Yasin Valley

Yasin Valley

Yasin Valley is another most spectacular scenic valley in Ghizer. At a distance of 137 km from Gilgit and 62 km from Gahkuch (the headquarter of Ghizer). Yasin was originally ruled by the Khushwakhte Dynasty, a collateral line of the Katur Dynasty of Chitral. The Rajas of Yasin were great warriors and fought against the Sikhs and the Dogras of Kashmir, but this house eventually lost power and the ownership of Yasin changed hands several times between the rule of the Mehtar of Chitral, and the Maharaja of Kashmir.

Yasin Valley Attractions:

The summer in Yasin valley has great attraction not only because of scenic beauty but it also offers avenues from adventure lovers because of its treking options from Darkut to Chitral via Broghal pass and BABA Ghundi via Chilingi pass. Darkut is a historical place as it has been a passage way for important persons. It was this pass that George Hayward crossed in 1870 when he was murdered. The Chinese army lead by a Korean General crossed Darkut in 747AD and conquered Gilgit. Sandi is the largest village in Yasin valley and it is famous for a Fort from the time of Gohar Aman.It’s attractive villages, carefully cultivated fields and orchards offer a blend of life time experience in remote valleys of Hindukush. The Darkut Pass connects Yasin with Broghol pass and Chitral whilst the Thoi Pass connects Yasin to Yarkhun Chitral and Asumber pass connects Yasin to Ishkomen. Darkot Pass is a historical pass which discriminately has been labelled as restricted zone by Government of Pakistan. This pass used to be the shortest means of Communication between oxus and Indus.Local and Foreign Tourism love to trek along the Assumbur pass to Ishqamen valley.

Yasin Valley Accessibility:

To reach Yasin one must take the Karakoram Highway north from Islamabad, and then turn left from Gilgit to reach Gupis in Ghizar. After Gupis, one continues northwest to reach the Yasin Valley.

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