Chail valley

Chail valley

Chail valley is divided in to two segments; old Chail and new Chail. The new Chail is approachable through vehicle but to reach old Chail a person must walk at least for fifteen minutes from new Chail. The village situated beside the stream is called new Chail while the scattered houses in the mountainous terrain above the stream is called old Chail. Both these villages are located on the left side connected by a bridge with the main road.

Chail valley People

The population of both these areas is about 2000 according 1998 census. Most of the locals are bilingual speaking both Pashto and Kohistani but the dominant language spoken in the villages is Kohistani. Most of the younger generation are leaned towards modern education and are studying in the local or outstation schools. The occupation of the local community is farming, business, timber and employment in foreign countries. The local has also established some fishing hatcheries in the area, which not only provide employment opportunity but has also created a sense of professionalism. Most of the modern facilities are available in the locality and the people are well versed with modern needs and requirements.

Chail valley Culture

There was a time when the people of the area were living a secluded life and were considered uncultured and brutish. Some famous tales are associated with their ignorance and barbarian culture they strictly adhered to in the past. One such famous tale is about the abandoning or discarding of the old and infirm people of the community. There is a place, which is called Martallo in the local vernacular in Chail. It is a huge canyon above the stream with dense vegetation, from which the ancient inhabitants of the area would roll down the aged people with a straw basket full of maize bread to sustain the person for a few days below in the deep gorge. It used to be quite a ceremony and the notable of the community would gather and ceremoniously see off the aged person. The person was abandoned this way and was never inquired about again. Most of the ill fated died instantly after they were pushed from the steep height of the cliff. Wild animals and birds often devoured the corpse. One point which baffles and compel one to think about the extreme ignorance of the people of that time is that when a human being is thrown down from such immense height, how can he survive the fall and feed on the basket of bread thrown with him. Today it is just a story, which the people do not like to listen and recall again. The generation of today is modern, educated and well aware of the values and requirements of modern civilization