Khushab District is a rural district located in Punjab, Pakistan. According to the 1998 census, the population was 905,711 with 24.76% living in urban areas. The district consists of 3 tehsils: Khushab, Nurpur, and Quaidabad, as well as a sub-tehsil Noshehra. Khushab is home to the Heavy Water and Natural Uranium Research Reactor, a critical part of the Pakistan’s Special Weapons Program, which has come under much heated scrutiny.

Khushab is situated between the cities of Sargodha and Mianwali, near the river Jhelum. The district is headquartered at Jauharabad (founded 1953, pop. 39,477).

Khushab is one of the most important cities especially from a defensive (atomic) point of view. The district is full of natural beauty containing Jhelum River, Fields, Mountains(Skaisar) and Thal desert. Its main towns included Quaida-bad, Jauhara-bad, Mitha Tiwana and Nowshera. Jauharabad (atomic city) is beautiful city for residence having wide roads and streets. Nearby cities include Sargodha, Mianwali, Bhakher, Jhelum and Jhang.


The district is divided into two tehsils, Khushab and Noorpur Thal.

Khushab Notable places

The Soon valley Sakasir is one of the most beautiful areas of the district.

There are three beautiful lakes(Ochali, Khabbaki and Sodhi Jay Wali) and a beautiful Garden Kanhatti Garden near Khabbaki village, located here in the Soon valley area is the largest forest in Khushab district. Pail-Piran a gate way to Soon Valley represents a scenic view as you enter the valley via Kalar Kahar from Islamabad-Lahore MotorWay. On your left on the hill top you see shrine of Hazrat pir Khawja Noori,descendent of Hazrat Baha ud din Zakkariyya of Multan(a saint descendent of Habbari Arab rulers of Sindh).Few leading personalities of Pail Piran includeLate Late Pir Nowbahar Shah,Late Pir Kalu Shah,Late Pir Walayat Shah(Dr.Wali Pir) and lately his sons Syed Sajid Hussain Shah, Dr.Syed Wajid H.Pirzada,Syed MaJid Hussain Shah ansd Syed Zahid Hussain Shah(Zaidi Peer).

Peelo wains. peelo wainse is a renowned village of khushab district. the village is famous for its natural beauty, high literacy rate and hospitality. although it is completely ignored by the authorities as the developmental work is concerned but the progress it has made is commendable. it is located in thal desert and its name was given after great Punjabi poet peelo. jasra is the tribe of the village. added by ”’javed sarwar Bili”’ Syed Associates owned by Major (r)Syed Mustafa Zaidi is currently busy in the renovation of Girls High School at Peelo Vaince and Primary School at Zahid Jasra.Major Sb is well liked in the area for his dedication and love of the people.

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