Hyderabad, second largest city in Sind and third largest city of Pakistan, was the capital of the Sind province before the British rule. The city was founded in 1768 by Ghulam Shah Kalhora, the ruler of Sind. The city derived its name from Haidar Ali, the son-in-law of Prophet Mohammed. After the Kalhoras, the city came under the reign of Talpur rulers, who were at the helm till 1843. Later, Hyderabad came under the British, who shifted the capital to Karachi.

Hyderabad Popular Attractions:

Shahi Bazaar, the longest bazaar in Asia, is a wonderful experience to get a feel of local life in Hyderabad. For a shopping enthusiast, Shahi Bazzar is an exciting experience as you get a different item at every corner of the bazzar. Interestingly, it is quite amazing, as you don’t know what new thing you may come across at the next shop. It is just fun all the way at Shahi Bazaar. Some of the items that you can shop for include local handicrafts, glass tiles, ornamented silk items and lacquered wood items. Kalhora Monuments in Hydrabad make popular tourist attractions. There are a number of monuments in Hyderabad that you can visit. Some of the monuments date back to the 18th century. Pacca Fort and Sindhology Museum are two tourist attractions that are a must visit in Hyderabad. The city is located on the east of the Indus River and offers a wonderful boating experience on the river Indus. Tourists can travel to Hussainabad from Hyderabad and enjoy boat cruise on the Indus.

Its economic activities include textile, sugar, cement, and hosiery mills, manufacturing of glass, soap, ice, paper, and plastics. There are hide tanneries and sawmills. Ornamented silks, silver-work, gold-work and lacquer ware are also some of its exclusive products. Noteworthy antiquities include the tombs of the Kalhora and Talpur ruler, palaces of the former amirs of Sind.

Hyderabad Accessibility:

Hyderabad is well connected with Karachi and Peshawar by rail and road. The 160-km long high way links Hyderabad to Karachi and it takes about two hours to reach Hyderabad from Karachi.