on-tour support

Landing at the airport


A transfer from the airport to your initial hotel is inclusive upon arrival on the designated start date of your tour. A Vertical Explorers representative will be awaiting your arrival at the airport to escort you to your hotel.

Upon arrival…

Proceed through customs:

If arriving internationally, ensure to complete any necessary passport or customs procedures. In case of extended queues, please utilize the Vertical Explorers mobile app to inform your Tour Director. If you do not have access to an international phone plan, you can connect to the airport’s complimentary Wi-Fi service, typically available at most airports.

Retrieve your checked luggage and enter the arrivals hall:

Once you have claimed your luggage, proceed to the arrivals area. Remember to gather all checked baggage, as re-entry to the baggage claim area will not be permitted after departure.

If provided with a Vertical Explorers name tag, prominently display it to facilitate identification by your designated driver. Additionally, keep an eye out for fellow Vertical Explorers travelers wearing green lanyards and name tags.

Meet your Vertical Explorers representative:

Look for a welcoming individual holding a Vertical Explorers sign. (In the case of arrival in London, please anticipate a sign bearing your full name.) If a representative is not immediately visible, kindly await their arrival within the arrivals area. They may be assisting another traveler in a different terminal and will return promptly. We strive to coordinate transfers for travelers arriving within approximately an hour of each other.

Feel free to inform your Tour Director of your arrival using the Vertical Explorers app. If your driver is not located after 30 minutes to an hour of waiting and you are unable to reach your Tour Director, please contact our On-Tour Support Team at +92 (0) 31 555 444 34.

How Vertical Explorers Handles On-Tour Issues


Tour Interruptions

At Vertical Explorers, we pride ourselves on our ability to effectively manage on-tour challenges with the aid of our network of offices and adherence to ISO 31000 standards:

 Risk Management Guidelines. Our dedicated 24/7 Emergency Service teams are equipped to anticipate and address a variety of issues in a responsive and adaptable manner.

Our team is extensively trained and employs simulations, incident response planning, and decades of experience to address emergencies, whether they be personal health concerns, injuries, or unforeseen global events. In the event of emergencies, we can coordinate additional support for touring groups, enlist the assistance of specialized professionals, and collaborate with local and international authorities to resolve on-the-ground issues promptly. Moreover, a subset of our team focuses on facilitating communication between travelers and their families during emergencies, whether they occur while on tour or at home.

Travel Advisory Changes

In the event that a destination undergoes a stay-at-home order while travelers are on tour, we will swiftly reroute the itinerary or arrange for the safe return of all travelers. Any necessary itinerary adjustments will be made without incurring additional fees for our customers. Additionally, customers who have booked flights through Vertical Explorers will not be subject to flight change fees.

For assistance, please contact us at +92 (0) 31 555 444 34.

How to Reach On-Tour Support

For immediate assistance during your tour with Vertical Explorers Pakistan, please contact our 24/7 On-Tour Support Team at +92 (0)31 555 444.

Please be advised: When dialing from a mobile phone in a different country to reach Pakistan, start by entering the + sign, which will automatically convert to the exit code of your current country. Proceed by dialing 92 followed by the rest of the number.

If you are unable to make a phone call, you may also reach out to On-Tour Support via email at ontour@vepakistan.com However, contacting us by phone is the preferred method for immediate assistance.

On-tour issues


Tour Interruption (Early Departure from Tour)

If you find yourself needing to conclude your tour prematurely due to an urgent matter, Vertical Explorers is dedicated to providing assistance for your journey back home.

What constitutes a tour interruption?

A tour interruption occurs when a traveler departs from the tour before its scheduled conclusion. Such circumstances may include a medical emergency, urgent family matters, or any unforeseen urgent situation arising during the tour. Vertical Explorers is committed to supporting travelers with tour interruptions, even if they have not purchased a flight package.

Managing your tour interruption

Should the need arise to interrupt your tour, please promptly contact our On-Tour Support at +92 (0) 31 555 444 34.

Our On-Tour Support and Emergency Response teams are ready to:

  • Facilitate finding a new flight itinerary to expedite your return home
  • Arrange or extend your current hotel accommodation
  • Provide assistance with any other logistical arrangements necessary to ensure your safe return home

Tour interruption due to significant global events

Our dedicated 24/7 Emergency Service teams are prepared to anticipate and address on-tour emergencies. In the event of a major global occurrence during your tour, such as public health emergencies, severe weather events, or instability in the tour location, Vertical Explorers will proactively make required adjustments to prioritize traveler safety. We will promptly inform travelers of any changes to their tour itineraries and flight reservations. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for U.S. travelers/Canadian travelers for detailed information regarding cancellations and modifications due to significant global events.

Please note that changes to your tour itinerary and flight reservations may be subject to additional costs.