Festivals in Pakistan

The festive celebration of Pakistan is woven with the fibers of a galore of traditions, culture, heritage and rituals storing each  region’s fragrance in it. The fairs and festivals of Pakistan are nothing but the outburst of this multi-fragrant basket in different times at different corners of the country. Diverse religious faiths and geographical variance have lead to the celebration of a number of festivals round the year with equal enthusiasm. Some festivals are of religious nature while others are celebrated to mark the change of season or harvesting. People come alive with much ardor and élan in the festive time which is reflected from the colorful vibrancy of the fairs and festivals. Dance, music, dazzling attires are the integral part of these festive seasons, as we can not think of Lokvirsa Fair without the folk dance performance or Basnat festival without the colorful traditional kite flying in outfits. Chilam Jusht, Me Fang, Nouroz  and Phool are some of the festivals which reflect the diversity of land and is celebrated by the common people with joy and vibrancy, whereas some festivals such as Diwali, Eid, etc. are celebrated in all parts of the country with same energy and exuberance.

January:    29Jan Ashoura, This commemorates the martyrdom of Imam Hussain(A.S), grandson of the Prophet (PBUH). Tazias, the bamboo replicas of the martyr’s tomb are taken out in procession by the Muslims.

Feburary    Sibi Festival (sport, handicrafts, folk music and dances), Sibi (Balochistan); Sindh Horse and Cattle Show, Jacobabad (Sindh).REPUBLIC DAY (January 26)

March        21 March Jashan Nouroz, 23 March, Pakistan Day, Eid Meladun Nabi,  Mela Chiraghan (Festival of Lamps), Lahore. Basant (Kite flaying) Lahore,

April            Baisakhi Sikh holiday in Hasan Abdal

May             mid May Joshi festival in Kalash valleys

July             6-8 July Shandur Polo festival, Utchal (harvest festival celebrated by the Kalash people)

August        14 August Independence day, mid August Utjao festival in Kalash valleys

September   6 September Defence of Pakistan day, 13 September Ramzan starts, End September Phool festival in Kalash valleys

October       13 October Eidul Fitar, 23 Hunza Didar Salgirah,

November   1st November Jashan Northern Area, Lok Mela (folk festival), Islamabad. National Horse and Cattle Show, Lahore. world Performing arts and festival

December      17-18 December ID-UL-ZUHA This festival commemorates the sacrifice of Ibrahim. Prayers are offered at mosques and goats are sacrificed by the Muslims. 25 – Christmas

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