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Pacco Qillo

Pacco Qillo

Pacco Qillo

Pacco Qillo, formally known as Pakka Qilla, is a fort in Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan.
The Fort was constructed on the hillock known locally as Gunjy, by Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro, around 1768 when he founded the city of Hyderabad. Still in 2017 the fort is exiting in natural shape.

Pacco Qillo History

During the Talpur rule over Sindh, Mir Fateh Ali Khan abandoned Khudabad and shifted his capital to Hyderabad in 1789. He also used the Hyderabad Fort to reside and hold his court in it. He added a Haram and other buildings to accommodate the ruling family and his relations. To enable residents to fulfill their religious obligation, he also commissioned the building of Mosques. During this period of the Mirs’ the fort was gradually swarmed with the shabby and odd buildings of the working class for their habitation. After defeating the Mirs’ in the battle of Miani in 1843, the British occupied the fort. Blasts in the fort, later on, destroyed most of the buildings and houses of the public. In 1857, the British razed most of the remaining buildings to ground to making room to accommodate troops and military stores.

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